It’s August?!

That’s crazy talk…this summer is flying by!
I have so many photos/posts that I want to share with all of you…our trip to Bend, OR this weekend, recent recipes, hikes here in Tahoe, and other summer fun. But after getting back in to town from our weekend in Bend late Monday night, I haven’t had the time or energy to upload photos yet. I will eventually, but for now I just want to enjoy summer nights and relax in front of the telly! (Gotta love the Brits and their slang…) I love watching the Summer Olympics and this year is not disappointing so far! While it’s definitely annoying that the events take place so far ahead of West Coast prime time that I inevitably hear spoilers about the results, it’s still fun to watch. Like last night, even though I had already read that USA won gold in the team gymnastics final, I still watched the entire thing. The “Fab Five” has been so entertaining to follow, they’re such a solid team!
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Awesome job girls! Team USA!
That’s all I’ve got today party people, I just wanted to pop in and say hi! Hopefully I’ll be back with some photos later on this week! Xoxo