What I’m Loving Wednesday {End of Summer Edition}

Hello, hello!
So when my alarm went off this morning, I was convinced it was Saturday…how weird is that? Strange! Anyway, my schedule is jam-packed today but I wanted to pop in a share a few of my favorite things. It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts and linked up with Jamie, but they are always so much fun to write! Here’s what I’m loving right now:
1. Luna and Larry Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss Bars
These things are my new favorite treat. They are gluten and dairy free, organic, and only 170 calories each! But unlike low-fat ice cream that’s just full of chemicals, these are made with natural coconut milk (something that’s so good for you!), agave, and cocoa. Seriously, they’re so creamy and delicious…the only downfall is they’re kind of expensive (our natural foods store charges $6.35 for a box of 4) but so worth it! Plus, they are Paleo 🙂 (Also, if anyone has questions about Paleo, email me at inthepinkandgreen@gmail.com because I’m putting together a new page about it!)
2. Hydro Flask Water Bottle
I picked up this new water bottle when we were in Bend, OR last month and I love it! My brother-in-law told me about Hydro Flasks and they’re actually made right there in Bend, which is cool, plus they’re just awesome water bottles! They keep whatever you put in them super cold or hot for hours.
3. John Mayer Born & Raised
Ok, so I can’t say I love this whole CD yet because I’m still waiting for Amazon to deliver it later today, but I do like the first two singles–Shadow Days and Queen of California. At first I didn’t like either one of those songs, but they grew on me and I’m kind of liking his whole Allman Brothers-vibe his music has going on now. I honestly like love/hate John Mayer. He just seems like such a huge tool in person and the way he constantly changes musical styles is kind of like he doesn’t really know who he wants to be. On the other hand, I think that it’s amazing he can go from acoustic singer/songwriter to blues to rock and do them all well, plus his guitar skills are incredible. Cam and I have seen him live a couple of times and he’s amazing in concert, so I have high hopes for this album!
4. New Gel Pens
I picked up a pack of colored Pilot G-2 pens at the grocery store the other day and I love how something so simple can just brighten my day.
5. My Gym
I talked a lot about our new gym in this post, but seriously I love it. I took a spin class last night and then did a strength class this morning and they were both fantastic! I honestly feel like I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and I love how each class is different so my muscles are always being challenged in new ways.
6. This song
Ok, when I first heard it I hated it…but now I’m obsessed. It grows on you and I just think it’s so different and fun. I seriously love Taylor Swift and I cannot wait to buy her new CD when it comes out in October! 🙂
7. This quote
I read this quote again the other day and it’s really resonating with me right now. We each have one life to live, and I want to make the most of mine.
Alright, back to work! Have an excellent Wednesday everyone! Xoxo