Apple Hill Blate

{Blate = Blogger + Date}

Is it Monday again already?

Although this weekend was both relaxing and productive (the best kind of weekend in my opinion!) it also flew by way too quickly. Friday night consisted of a hike in the aspens near our house, pizza, and ice cream–not exactly Paleo, but it was fun! Saturday included a conditioning class at the gym, a great Michigan football win, and checking out the Telluride Mountain Film Festival (more on that later this week). Yesterday though, was a day I had been looking forward to all fall–going to the apple orchard! 
We spent yesterday at Apple Hill, which is basically a giant cluster of apple orchards and pumpkin patches in California (located between Tahoe and Sacramento). The best part was that we made the trip with my sweet blogging/real-life friend Natasha (of the lovely blog Schue Love), her husband Ryan, and their adorable baby Ethan. (You might remember we spent Easter with them earlier this year, funny that seems like ages ago now!) It was so much fun to spend the day with them and we had all had a great time sampling the delicious food at the places we stopped! And the best part about doing a fall activity with another blogger? They don’t think you’re crazy for taking a million pictures…because they’re doing the same thing! Here are some highlights from our day: 

{Photographers…I mean husbands…hehe}
{Baby apple}


{Apple kitty!}
{Hangtown Kid Orchard was our first stop…their apples/pumpkins were somewhat sub-par, so I’d skip this one if you’re heading out to Apple Hill. However, it’s nice because all the different Apple Hill stops are marked with #s so they’re very easy to find}
{Our next stop was Bill’s Apples/Felice’s Dolls…and their flowers were gorgeous! They had great already picked apples}
{Natasha, I totally took this from your FB…they are such a cute little fam!}
{Beautiful flowers}
{Our next stop was O’Hallorans Apple Trail Ranch, and I’d highly recommend this place. They had lots of apples to choose from, and a cute pumpkin patch}
{Obviously we had to get a shot with our pumpkins…for the blog…ha}
{Pretty wildflowers}
{Our next stop was Apple Ridge Farms (at least I think that was what this one was called?) and they had the most delicious pies and apple sausage…yum!}
{Our next stop was Jack Russell Brewing Co. and this place was definitely busy! They had all different types of beer, as well as food vendors so it’s a great place to stop for lunch}
{I really liked their pumpkin ale}
{Our last stop was Rainbow Orchards because we heard that they were famous for their apple cider donuts. This place was definitely crowded but luckily the line moved quickly and we got our donuts in no time!}
{Warm and delicious}
{Caramel apples are my favorite}
{We also got some cider to take home, it was so good!}
{Baby Ethan! He is the HAPPIEST little guy, and seriously how cute is that hooded onsie?!}
I’m so glad we made it out to Apple Hill this weekend and got to check another item off the old fall bucket list! Which reminds me, I need to get cracking on that because it currently looks like winter here in Tahoe:

That’s the view outside my window this morning.

{If you’re wondering why it’s still dark out, it’s because I had to get up for an early conference call this morning…blech. The snow is still coming down and there is a quite a bit more accumulated now!}

Not too happy about it…but I suppose it’s the price you pay for mountain living!
Hope you’re having a warmer Monday friends! Xoxo