Friday’s Letters: Fall Edition

Happy Friday everyone! 
I had originally planned to do a different post today but I totally ran out of time to put it together last night. I then decided I just wasn’t going to post at all today and give myself a little break. But seeing everyone link up for Friday’s Letters I couldn’t resist joining in the fun, plus it’s been awhile since I’ve linked up for it! Here goes…

Dear Fall, I’m pretty much obsessed with you. There’s a chill in the air here in Tahoe, the aspens are turning bright gold, and it makes me happy. I know I covered this on Monday, but it bears repeating–you’re awesome. Dear Kitchen, You have seen a lot of me this week and I’m only going to spending more time with you as the weather continues to cool down. This week I’ve made 2 pumpkin dishes (one savory, one sweet), 1 apple recipe (which was over the top amazing), a roast chicken, and I have a list a mile long of fall recipes to make and I’m so excited to tackle as many as I can! (And that means lots of recipes to look forward to on the blog in the weeks to come!) Dear Future Kitchen, Please be nice and big with lots of counter space and cupboards to store things, as my current set up is a little claustrophobic. Dear San Francisco, I’m so excited to visit you this weekend! It’s been months since I’ve seen you last so I’m looking forward to doing some more exploring. I’m also really pumped about the reason for this weekend’s little getaway–The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival! The lineup looks amazing, and I’m excited to rock out to some good live music…or as much as an awkward white girl can rock out listening to banjos. Dear Bubble Necklace, Thanks for finally coming in the mail this week…3 months later. Now I guess I’m finally an official blogger, eh? It’s kind of like a tattoo you have to get for being part of a gang…except for 20-something girls who spend too much time on Pinterest. Ha. Dear Sleep, I haven’t been so good about making you a priority this week…I need to stop being a cottonheaded ninny muggins and get to bed earlier. Especially since this weekend isn’t exactly going to be restful. Le sigh. Dear Cameron, Thanks so much for booking our hotel for this weekend and always being so willing to just jump in the car and go!  

 Dear Honeycrisp apples, I had my first one of you this season earlier this week and it was magical. Why are you so delicious? Dear flour/sugar/butter, You are also delicious, but after
overindulging a little too much last night/this morning in the non-Paleo
dessert I made I remembered why I try to stay away from you. You make
me feel sluggish and gross. Dear Oregon, I’m also looking forward to visiting you next weekend! So looking forward to celebrating the husband’s birthday, eating at delicious Portland restaurants, and most of all meeting our new 2 week-old nephew and brand-new niece (who will hopefully be making her debut before next weekend!) Dear Israel/Turkey trip, You’re only a little over a month away!! Squeeeee!!! Dear Lola, You’re so silly, your facial expressions never fail to make me laugh. I can’t believe you’re going to be two this month! Dear fall boots, I have not worn you at all so far this year, it’s not okay. Granted it’s mainly because I work from home and wear slippers 80% of the day and gym shoes the rest of the time, but this weekend I’m so looking forward to wearing you around San Fran with my new burgundy skinnies that came in the mail this week! Dear Fall Bucket List, I’ve done some things, but I need to get to work checking a few more off ASAP! Dear Cameron, You get two letters since you’re my favorite. Watching TV with you is pretty much the highlight of my day because you laugh SO HARD and it cracks me up. Like last night during The Office you actually wheezed a little bit you were laughing so much. It makes me smile.

{Sleepy Lola says TGIF}

 Lots to look forward to this month! Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo

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