Fall Bucket List Recap

Happy Black Friday everyone!
Who went out shopping this morning?! Did you find any good deals?
Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to officially kick off the holiday season and I couldn’t be more excited! (Even though who am I kidding, I’ve been listening to Christmas music the past month and I have no shame in admitting that) Before I get too deep in to Christmas elf mode, I wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on this fall because it’s been a really great couple of months. And yes I realize it is still technically fall until December 21st, but since the upcoming month is going to be all about celebrating the year’s two biggest birthdays (mine and Jesus’s…duh) I figure we might as just go ahead and close the lid on all things autumn right now. 
Because obviously the compulsive list maker in me already has a whole list of things I want to do in the next month for Christmas. Pretty sure these bucket list are going to be a regular thing here on this blog. 
Get excited. 

Anyway, here’s the list of things I set out to do back in the beginning of September, along with how I did in terms of actually getting them done! (I included links to the posts of items I checked off/blogged about!)
(I did on most days where I wasn’t swamped with work/that it wasn’t freezing outside!)

 Go to San Francisco

Really stick to having one “No-TV Night” a week
(I’ll admit, we didn’t stick to this at all…to many new fall shows to watch!) 

 Enjoy my parents’ visit to Tahoe

Take better care of myself–get more sleep/floss everyday!
(Both of these are still a work in progress) 

  Make 2 different pumpkin recipes {here, here, and here}

Get together with friends to watch a Michigan Football game and make “M”

 Go to Oregon

 Get a haircut/new glasses

(Since I already bought contacts this year, I’m waiting until after the first of the year to get glasses so I can use the vision insurance credit for 2013!) 

 Run a 10K

Ride the gondola at Heavenly and have a picnic
(We didn’t end up getting to do this before they closed it for the fall but we’ll be riding it soon enough come ski season!)

 Go to the apple orchard

 Have donuts/cider
(in addition to getting them at Apple Hill, I also got them here)

Go back to Napa/Sonoma
(We ran out of time to do this, so hopefully we can make it back in the spring!)
Do at least 3 new hikes
(We only got in one longer hike this fall, and it didn’t go so well…but we did get to do some exploring on the trails around our house though!)

(We didn’t dress up but we did carve pumpkins and eat cupcakes with our neighbors!)
Get to 500 blog followers
(Not quite there yet, but that’s totally fine! I’ve definitely enjoyed connecting with quite a few new-to-me bloggers this fall…and if you’re a new reader, welcome!)

 Make 2 different apple recipes {here, here, and here}

 Read at least 5 books

(I have really been slacking on the reading the past few months ever since my Kindle broke in the beginning of the fall…boo)

 Be more social here in Tahoe

Find an organization to volunteer with here in Tahoe
(Still haven’t done this…I’m putting it on the list for 2013!)

 Give away some clothes/”stuff” to charity

 All these photos are from my Instagram account {follow me here} but if you click on the links below each post, you can find the full recap/more photos.
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all of your Thanksgiving leftovers! Xoxo

PS: See the recap of my summer bucket list here. Good times.

(Full disclosure: I wrote/scheduled this post before we left…but we
get back in to the states today, so I’ll definitely be sharing all our
photos from the trip soon!)