Friday’s Letters + Random Thoughts

Happy Friday y’all!
I’m still in a country mood from watching the CMA Awards last night! Here are some of my thoughts on the show:

1. One of my favorite parts of the night is seeing all of my girl Carrie’s awesome outfit changes…seriously, how beautiful did she look last night? (I actually think one of my favorite dresses she wore isn’t in the picture above, it was that super sparkly one she had on the to open the show/do the monologue with Brad…it was stunning!) She is beyond gorgeous and her voice is amazing. Love her.
2. How cute are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert? I was so happy for their big wins last night. They are so adorable together, they’re both so talented, and they just seem like such fun, nice people who really love each other.
3. I may be in minority here in blogland, but I’m not a huge fan of the whole Luke Bryan/Eric Church look with the baseball hat, it’s just so meh to me. Give me George Strait in a cowboy hat any day. Also, I’m not a Jason Aldean fan either, how that guy got so popular I’ll never know.
 4. Compared to some of the women in country who have incredible voices, Taylor Swift does not have a good voice at all when she’s performing live and last night showed that once again. But do I care? Not in the slightest. I have no shame saying I love love love her and am her #1 fan. So what her voice is not great live, I like the way she sounds on her CDs and her songs make me happy. I have been listening to RED non-stop, I’m basically in full on T-Swift obsession mode right now. Yes, I realize I’m a 13-year old girl. I’m fine with it. Although I will say the way she still acts so surprised when people clap for her is getting a little old…like we get it Taylor. Ha.

 5. My favorite part was the Willie Nelson tribute at the end, especially Lady A performing “You Were Always On My Mind”…so good. Willie is such a classic.
Now on to Friday’s Letters! I’m linking up with sweet Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds; I love this link-up because it’s a fun way to share my random thoughts at the end of the week when my brain is too fried to write an actual post! So here goes: 
{I know I used this picture in yesterday’s post, but it still hasn’t gotten old to me…Lola is such a ham}
Dear Friday, This is one of those weeks that I’m actually a little mad that you’re here already, mainly because I am so not where I’d like to be this week for work and I wish I had another day to get things done. Oh well. Dear Turkey/Israel Trip, Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling about leaving next weekend. This trip is something Cam and I have been thinking about for such a long time, but it still hasn’t quite hit me that it’s actually here! I’m not nervous about the trip itself, as much as I am sort of mad at myself that I haven’t taken more time to research, read my Bible, and mentally/spiritually prepare. But it is what it is, I know everything will work out like it’s supposed to and hopefully I’ll have some time to read on the plane ride over there! Dear Lola, You’ve been being extra silly and adorable this week, we are going to miss your goofy little face so much while we’re on vacation. Dear Carrie Underwood, I want your legs, your bouncy hair, and your sparkly dresses. K, thanks. Dear Election, I will be so happy when you’re OVER next week because I cannot take watching any more political ads. Nevada is a major battleground state this election, so there has seriously been nothing but political ads on the past few weeks and I’m really over it. Early voting in Nevada ends today and I’m hoping to have some time later today to go get that done! Dear Starbucks Red Cups, You have blowing up my Instagram feed the past 24 hours and I plan on getting one of you for myself either later today or tomorrow…it’s the little things that make me so excited for the holiday season…speaking of which…Dear Christmas, You are only 52 away! I can’t wait to start decorating the house, listening to Christmas music, baking Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, and doing the 21238371 things that I love about this time of year. First on the list? Taking our Christmas card photos and I’m really pumped to do that here in Tahoe this weekend. Now I just need to figure out what we’re wearing! Dear Cameron, Thanks for making me breakfast every morning, it warms my heart…and makes it much easier to get out of bed when I smell bacon and eggs cooking downstairs! You’re the best and I love you. Dear Scraggly Split Ends, You’re getting trimmed tomorrow, yay! I cannot wait to get a haircut, it’s been wayyy too long. Dear Daylight Savings Time, I know I curse you in the spring but I could not be more pumped to get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Between our trip and the holidays, the rest of 2012 is going to be busy busy (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!) so I’m really looking forward to getting some R&R this weekend. Dear NYC/East Coast, You are in my prayers as you start to rebuild and recover from the devastation Sandy left in her wake. My heart hurts for those of you that have lost so much, and I just want you to know that you’re in my thoughts today and will continue to be in my prayers!
And last but not least, I’ve got two more announcements: 
1. Today I’m guest posting over at The Daily Dish for Foodie Friday talking about my favorite subject–FOOD! Be sure to go check out Shari’s wonderful blog!
2. My sweet friend Natasha is one of the featured bloggers for Online Shoes Monthly Shoe Styling Contest, so click here to go vote for her! (She’s the one on the far right with the darling yellow scarf!) She’s modeling some awesome riding boots (she wore them on our trip to Apple Hill, so I can attest to the fact that they’re super cute) and if you vote, you can be entered to win a pair for yourself!
 That’s all for me today, have a lovely weekend everyone! Xoxo

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