Merry Mountain Christmas

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…
Today I’m joining in for the “Christmas Cheer to the Blogosphere” holiday link-up party to share some photos of my tree! 
I grew up having an artificial tree, but my Oregonian husband is adament that we a real tree. I honestly could care less either way (and personally I think that I fake tree is easier, plus it’s more economical) but it is nice to have the smell of pine greet you when you walk in the door. Plus, I feel like not having a real tree here in Tahoe would be kind of silly as there are evergreens all over the place. While we didn’t actually go to cut down our tree this year, we found a beautiful douglas fir at the tree lot in town. 
It fits perfectly in our family room and makes me smile every time I look at it. 
A tradition that Cam and I have had since getting married {3.5 years ago…crazy!} is to get a Christmas ornament from each place we travel and it’s become one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. It’s so much fun to bring them out and remember fun trips and memories each year, plus, it helps to keep our house {somewhat} free of clutter purchasing an ornament as a souvenir instead of some knickknack that’s going to sit around taking up space all year long. 
I thought it would be fun to share some of the new ornaments we added to the tree for 2012, and I’ve included the links to my post about that particular trip under each photo as well. It’s definitely been a good year!
{San Francisco}
{Olive wood ornament from Israel–post coming soon!}
{New York}
This particular ornament isn’t from a trip we’ve taken, I also like to get ornaments from places we’ve lived. I thought this cute ski boot would help remind us of all our weekends spent at skiing in Tahoe for years to come!
And because I couldn’t make up my mind, I got two Lake Tahoe ornaments 🙂
I just thought this one was so darling with the polka dots and painting of Emerald Bay!
{I know we got a few more ornaments from other places we traveled this year, but these are the only ones that I could find!}
Eventually, I’d love to have a house where we can have more than one tree as I think the idea of having themed, color-coordinated trees is so pretty and fun. I think it would be so neat to one day put all our ornament from our trips on their own travel-themed tree! 
{Pretty sure Cam is rolling his eyes right now reading this…ha!}
But for now we are a one tree family, and so here’s a picture of our tree by night…
Pretty 🙂
While today’s link-up is just focusing on Christmas trees, I thought I’d go ahead and share some photos I snapped of the other seasonal touches currently decking our halls. Beyond our tree, we really don’t have too many decorations up as we’ve been moving from apartment to apartment the past few years and haven’t had much room to store anything. In our current little mountain cabin, winter feels oh so cozy…but space is also fairly limited. However, I’ve done what I can to make things feel a little more festive with some simple holiday touches here and there.
We don’t have a true mantel in this house, but I’ve tried to make use of the space behind our woodstove since we don’t really use it…but I’m sure we’ll be having some fires soon! Also, outlets in our current place are fairly limited hence the obnoxious white extension cord in the background!
Our olive wood nativity set that we bought in Israel–this is by far my favorite souvenir from the trip!
Stockings made for us by my sister along with pine cones from our backyard…one of the great things about Tahoe is there is no shortage of giant pine cones everywhere you look!
A little joy on our bookshelf, next to the little ceramic bowls that I bought in Istanbul
Red berry trees
Because of the shape of our house, a lot of the walls are slanted and there are limited places to hang things but our red berry wreath found a home over the couch this year
Bookshelf topped with my NOEL sign and some little birdies
I’m a sucker for anything sparkly
Christmas balls next to our cookbooks and board games
While we may not have much room for decorations in our current place, you definitely can’t beat the view! Winter sunsets are absolutely stunning here.
This picture is straight out of the camera and it doesn’t even do it justice!
So that’s a peek into our little mountain Christmas! I’m linking up with Honey We’re Home for today’s Christmas tree link-up and I’ll be back later this week to link-up with Natasha to share a holiday treat! I’m looking forward to checking out lots of beautiful trees and great recipes this week! Here’s the information about the link-up in case you’re interested in joining in the fun…
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