2012: A Year in Review

Happy New Year/’s Eve (depending on what time zone you’re in!) everyone! I meant to put this post up earlier today, but ran out of time…but since I still have a little time left in 2012 here on the West Coast, I wanted to go ahead and share before we start a new year!
hard to believe that it’s the last day of 2012. I know it’s super
cliche and everyone says it but this year has really gone by SO fast.
However, when I think back over all that’s happened, we really have managed to pack a lot into the past twelve months! It’s fun to look back and reflect
over the memories from the past year, so I decided to put together a
little recap of some of the highlights from 2012: 

 We spent three days in Istanbul, Turkey!
We spent eight days in Israel (those post are coming in January!)
I had lots of lovely guest bloggers fill in while we were on our trip and I reflected on what I’m thankful for

Our Christmas card this year


lot of the posts that I highlighted in this list were
travel-related, as that’s definitely a big part of our life. I love that
this blog gives me a space to preserve all these memories we’re making,
as well provides a way to share photos of our travels with family and friends. However, looking through the 200+ posts (crazy!) from this past year, I also really enjoy seeing the little slices of our everyday life–the meals we’ve
made, the random pictures of Lola, and rereading what was happening at a
certain points throughout the year. These little things might not seem like a big deal when compared to a big vacation, however, they are the stuff that truly make the year and it’s great to be able to record those details too.
At this time last year, I had never set foot in Tahoe. Cameron and I were anxious/excited about our impending move and had no idea what to expect. We started the drive from Cam’s parents house in Oregon on New Year’s Day last year and arrived at our rental house in Tahoe on Jan. 2nd (we split the drive into two days), totally unsure of what we’d find.

Tomorrow, we’re going to make that same drive from Oregon to Tahoe, except now we’re driving back home. To a place that we’ve lived for a full year now. A place that we’ve both grown to love. A place that has caused us to grow in so many ways this year. A place where we’ve made wonderful friends. A place where we’ve had ups and downs, joys and triumphs. A place where we’ve really seen our marriage continue to strengthen. A place where I wasn’t sure I could adjust to living as it was so different than what I was used to, but now really enjoy (although I still wish Target was little closer!). And although I know it won’t be home forever, I am thankful for the experience of getting to live in such an incredibly beautiful place.

Over the past few years, I’ve sort of known what milestones would be coming. We had set dates to look forward to–our wedding, Cam finishing grad school, him starting a rotational program that moved us to South Carolina, making the decision to rotate out to Colorado, making the decision to rotate out to Nevada and move to Tahoe. All things that were planned and had set time frames that we knew they were going to happen. That’s not to say there wasn’t stress or uncertainty involved, but we sort of always had a “next step” we were looking forward to. Now we’re at a point where I’m not sure what the next step is. What our next move will be or when/if that will take place. At this point we are sort of just going with the flow, and I can honestly say that I have no idea what the coming year will hold.

And I’m pretty excited about that.

Bring it on 2013.


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