Custom Christmas Dress

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
I started putting together my post with all our photos from Christmas this year (only slightly behind schedule on that!) and realized that I took a lot of pictures. That’s what happens when you spend the holidays in two different states I suppose! So while I don’t have that post done quite yet, in the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of the dress I wore for Christmas Day. 
Before the holidays, I was contacted by a eShakti, a company that offers customized women’s clothing, to try out a piece of their clothing and I jumped at the chance. I was really intrigued by the concept–they don’t stock any sizes, but instead each piece is cut to order. eShakti has a lot of really adorable, retro-inspired pieces that are very reasonably priced, and they offers both design and fit customization…let me break that down:
As for the fit customization, you have the choice of ordering their clothing in standard sizes (and you also provide them with your height) OR you can provide them with your custom measurements so what you order is custom-made for your body. They make ordering really easy by explaining exactly what measurements you need to take, and that’s what I ended up doing when I ordered my dress. When it arrived, it fit like a glove! It’s great to be able to have something that’s made specifically to fit YOU, especially if you have unique proportions (aka you’re really tall like me!).
But I think my favorite part about eShakti is the design customization. I knew that I wanted something I could wear for Christmas Day, and while browsing their site this black and silver dress caught my eye. However, it was also sleeveless and I was really hoping to find something with a sleeve as Michigan in December isn’t exactly warm! So after putting in my measurements, I had the choice to make a number of customizations to my dress. Sleeves? Click a button and you can add whatever length sleeves you like! Don’t want the embellishment around the neck? They can remove it. Want the dress to be longer or shorter? It’s your choice! I opted to add tea-length sleeves to mine and choose knee-length for the dress. I thought it was really cool to be able to make these alternations so that the piece you’re getting suits your specific needs. 
 The dress arrived really quickly for being custom-made, and the material seemed to be high-quality. It definitely had a vintage vibe and I loved how ladylike it looked. 
The best part?
It had pockets! 
Perfect for stashing my Christmas candy wrappers. 
(I wish that was a joke. I’m literally still finding holiday colored mini Reese’s peanut butter cup wrappers in every purse/jacket/piece of clothing I packed for the holidays…hence the 21-day detox! Which by the way, I’m on day 6 and still going strong!)
Overall, I had a really positive experience with eShakti, and would definitely recommend them! They have lots of other things beyond dresses and you receive $25 off your first order, so definitely check them out! 

{Also I’m so NOT a fashion blogger, and Cam isn’t a fashion photographer but we tried our best to get a few pictures on Christmas Day before heading to dinner!}

Hope your week is going well friends! Xoxo

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