Sugar Detox + Good Things About January

Happy Saturday everyone! I normally don’t post on the weekends, but this week has been so busy getting caught up with work that time just got away from me!

Earlier this week, I shared my one resolution for 2013. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m hoping to put it into practice more and more each day! I also mentioned that I’m a big fan of setting goals throughout the year, so I wanted to take a minute to talk about a major one that I’ve set for January. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that Cameron and I decided to try out the Paleo diet almost a year ago, and had great results–we both lost weight, had more energy, and just felt better. We’ve been eating Paleo at home pretty consistently this entire year, but we aren’t super strict about it as we tend to indulge on the weekends. However, with two week vacation we took in November, we fully enjoyed trying out all the local breads/sweets…and then when we got home, we were in the thick of the holiday season. Needless to say, we’ve pretty much fallen off the wagon the past two months in terms of healthy eating.

Case in point.

We ate a ton of sweets over the holidays, and while it was great to enjoy some of our favorite treats, it’s once again made me realize just how terrible eating excess sugar makes you feel. My skin breaks out like crazy, I put on weight too easily, and just feel sluggish and gross. So in order to help get us back on track for the new year, we’re doing something slightly extreme…

A 21-Day Sugar Detox! 

The author that put together this detox plan is actually a Paleo nutritionist, and the whole idea is to help break sugar cravings by totally eliminating it for three weeks. So that means no sweets/candy, no dairy, no grains, no alcohol, and no fruit for 21 days straight.

Like I said, it’s a little extreme.

The no-fruit thing is definitely the hardest part for me, as I normally eat 2-3 servings per day. Obviously fruit is very nutritious for you, and the intention of this plan is not to cut fruit out permanently by any means. It’s just when you get so addicted to sugar, sometimes just going cold turkey and cutting it out completely is the only way to get back to the place you want to be (or at least that’s what I’m hoping). And when I say addicted to sugar, I genuinely mean that because it has so many properties that are like a drug (I’ve never done drugs, just to clarify…I’m just guessing that it’s like a drug…ha!). When I have sweets, it’s like it triggers something in my brain that I just want more and more and can’t stop even when I know I should. And then after awhile my tasted buds become so desensitized to sugar that things that are naturally sweet, like fruit, don’t even taste sweet any more compared to all the excessively sugary crap. I’m hoping that 3 weeks without sugar will allow my taste buds to return to normal, so that eating a piece of fruit will taste delicious and I won’t crave sugar as much. I feel like it will be a nice way to give my body a break and just start the new year out on the right foot.

Cam (yes, he’s doing it too!) and I started doing the sugar detox Thursday, so this is day 3. And to be perfectly honest, the first day was HORRIBLE. I felt sick and had a headache for much of the second half of the day. However, I know that’s pretty normal and that the first few days are supposed to be difficult as your body is essentially having withdrawls. I felt much better yesterday, and we’ll see how today goes. All we’re eating is basically meat and veggies, and I’ll admit, it can be challenging as those foods are not always super appetizing to me. But I’m looking forward to trying out some new Paleo recipes during the detox (and beyond!) and will be sharing the ones that we enjoy!

For more information about the Sugar Detox program we’re following, click here:

The 21-Day Sugar Detox

After the 21 days are over, we plan on returning to eating Paleo as much
as possible, while still allowing ourselves to indulge now and then. Though I’m hoping after the detox is done that I’ll have less of desire for sugar. I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it goes…and fingers crossed that I can actually do it, as this is the longest I’ve ever gone without sweets!

So while my life is kind of terrible right now (I kid, I kid), I wanted to take a minute to focus on some positive things about January. This can be somewhat of a depressing month–the holidays are officially over (even though the Christmas decorations that are still up in my living room would say otherwise!) and it’s easy for the winter blues to set in. But when I stopped to think about, there are actually some things that are pretty awesome about this month…

1. The days are getting longer…hallelujah! 
2. New year, fresh start, clean slate
3. The return of Downton Abbey this weekend–SO.EXCITED.
4. Weekends full of skiing in beautiful Tahoe 
(Ok, so mayyyybe that’s just me but I had to include it on the list!)
5. The opportunity to get back to a normal schedule and healthy routines
6. Lots of great movies out in the theaters to see before the Oscars next month
7. It’s the perfect time to wear cozy clothes aka leggings, oversized sweaters, scarves, etc. 
(Because let’s face it, although glittery/sparkly/sequinned holiday clothes are festive they’re
not usually warm/super comfortable)
8. Decreased temptation/renewed motivation to stop eating crap
(or at least that’s what I’m telling myself…)
9. You can go snow-shoeing!  
(If you live in a place where you have snow, that is–we’re going this weekend!)
10. The Golden Globes (which my favorite ladies Tina Fey/Amy Poehler are hosting!) and the beginning of award season fashion
11. January is the perfect month to make a hearty batch of soup…yum!
12. After Christmas sales…while they last that is
13. The new season of the Bachelor starts Monday–I loved Sean from Emily’s season, so excited that they picked him! (And yes, I know that my focus for 2013 is to be more mindful with my time, but the Bachelor is my one guilty pleasure!)

I’m actually really excited because our calendar for January is pretty wide-open and after how busy the last few months have been, I’m looking forward to just staying home and relaxing! (That’s another major reason we decided to do the sugar detox now as we don’t have any travel planned for the next 3 weeks…a rarity for us!) Today, we’re going to be heading out to ski for the first time this season and then tomorrow we’re planning on trying out the new snowshoes we got for Christmas…we’ve got tons of snow here in Tahoe, might as well enjoy it! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend everyone! Xoxo

PS: This weekend I’m also hoping to get caught up on some blog reading/commenting as I feel like I haven’t had any time to do that the past few weeks! Also, if you’ve sent me an email/commented on my blog lately and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry! I’m hoping to get around to that this weekend too. I have just been terrible about ignoring my email lately, but it’s a new year so I am going to try to get back at it! 🙂


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