Date Night Idea

We’re half way to the weekend everybody, woo!

Last night, Cameron and I had a little impromptu date night when we drove to Reno to see a screening of the  Banff Mountain Film Festival! I’ve blogged about it before, but basically the Banff Mountain Film Festival is a competition put on by the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. (Sidenote: Banff National Park was one of the places they went on this past season of the Bachelor where they swam in that freezing cold water and Tierra “supposedly” got hypothermia–I thought that might jog the memory of some of my fellow Bachelor fans!) The Banff Centre holds a competition for short films and the criteria for entry is they all have to have mountain content. The winning films go on tour all over the world, and the local screenings often involve community sponsors and are just really fun events. The cool part is that the individual location gets to pick which films they want to show for their screening, so if you attend a screening in one location you might see totally different films than if you go somewhere else. (For example, last year’s screening in Tahoe feature quite a few ski films!)

Cam and I have attended the Banff Film Festival for the last few years in all the different places we’ve lived–Michigan, South Carolina, and Tahoe–and we’ve never been disappointed. This year was no exception as the films we saw last night were absolutely incredible! Here’s an idea of what I’m talking about: 

That’s just a brief overview of what we saw last night, but the skill of these filmmakers is absolutely awe-inspiring. The way they capture the gorgeous scenery all over the world and these crazy feats of extreme adventure sports is so thrilling. Although I personally would never do most of the stuff featured in the films, it’s so exhilarating to watch and it’s something I look forward to each year! 
The Banff Mountain Film Festival is currently touring the USA, so definitely check the schedule to see if there is a screening coming near you! You won’t be disappointed! 
(Tahoe friends: There is a screening at Montbleu Casino this Monday, just FYI! We’re going to be out of town, or we would have gone to that one instead of making the trek to Reno!) 
Sidenote: If you’ve never been, my suggestion would be to get there early! In every city where we’ve attended a screening, they’ve always been packed. It’s usual general admission so you want to make sure you get there early to find a good seat. Plus, they typically giveaway prizes from local sponsors during intermission which is really fun!

That’s all for me today friends, hope your week is fantastic so far! Xoxo

PS: Before the show, we grabbed dinner here. If you’re ever in Reno, I highly recommend it!

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