Packing: UK Style

Happy Friday and Happy March everyone! 
I can’t believe by this time next week that Cam and I will be in Scotland! I am pumped! This weekend, I plan on getting packed for our trip (plan being the operative word, we’ll see if it happens…) and I’m trying to figure out what to bring. Packing for travel in the winter months is definitely more challenging than in the summer as boots and sweaters take up a lot more space in your suitcase than flip flops and tanks. It’s important to be selective about what you bring, and make sure that each piece can be worn more than once. 
I thought I’d see if Pinterest could provide me a little inspiration on what to bring for a winter trip to the UK. Obviously, I had to start with their most stylish resident…
 If I had a goal for how I wanted to dress on this trip, it would be Kate Middleton Casual.

So taking a cue from the Duchess of Cambridge, I am definitely going to be packing my navy blazer and my rain boots. Thanks to Pinterest, I found some other cute ideas for styling these preppy pieces…first the blazer: 
 If Kate and Jen are both wearing it, you know it’s a classic. 
As for the rain boots, I have light pink Hunters (like in the first photo below) and plan on wearing them with my gray cable knit liners. We’re anticipating rainy weather so hopefully they’ll keep my feet warm and dry while sightseeing! 
 Another staple that I plan on bringing is my trench coat: 
I’ll be going for this same Emma Watson vibe, except my trench is Banana Republic, not Burberry. Ha. 
Finally, I looked over my Fashion Inspirations Pinterest board and pulled out a few additional looks that I’ve pinned recently that I thought would be perfect for a trip like this: 
  I obviously plan on bringing a few scarves, but we’ll see what else actually ends up in my suitcase when we head across the pond! If you’ve been over to England/Scotland/Ireland this time of year and have any advice on what to pack, I’d love to hear it!
Have a lovely weekend everyone! Xoxo
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