A Portland Saturday

I mentioned in my post on Friday that we spent Easter weekend in Oregon, and the weather was insanely gorgeous. The weather in the Pacific Northwest can be quite rainy, so a weekend full of sunshine was a treat. Cameron and I decided to spend Saturday in downtown Portland and since it was so nice out, I figured it would be the perfect day to explore the Portland Japanese Garden
The garden is set up in the west hills of Portland and it’s supposed to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan. The day we went, everything was just starting to bloom and it was absolutely lovely to walk around. It’s such a serene and beautiful place, if you’re ever in Portland I’d highly suggest checking it out! 
I couldn’t resist 😉
The Japanese Garden is part of Washington Park, an awesome park in Portland’s West Hills, and Saturday everyone and their dog was out enjoying the sunshine. Seriously, everyone had a dog. Because it’s Portland. Ha.

Washington Park also encompasses the International Rose Test Garden, which has a ton of different types of roses. It looked a little more like a stick garden when we were there since nothing was in bloom yet, but I’d love to go back in the summer and check it out!

For lunch on Saturday, we headed to the East Side of Portland to try out one of the many food cart pods around the city. This particular pod was called Good Food Here and they had an excellent selection of food carts to choose from…

 I got something from Herb’s Mac & Cheese, it’s one of my favorite foods and I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a unique variation of it!
 Cam got something from this place that claimed it was “Viking Soul Food”…whatever that means. Basically Scandinavian comfort food.
 We got the most amazing cookies and mini-pies from this place, so cute!
 This truck had some really interesting burger options and their tater tot bowls looked incredible…so much food, not enough time!
 Southern style biscuits next to sushi…and of course, someone just happened to be ordering with their bike when I took the picture, I’m telling you, that show Portlandia is not an exaggeration, it’s really how a lot of people are here 🙂
 This food cart pod had picnic tables set up and it was the perfect way to enjoy lunch and the gorgeous weather! (Cam loved his Viking Soul Food btw!)
 My buffalo mac & cheese didn’t photograph too well, but it had tons of gorgonzola cheese and was reallllly tasty!

If you’re ever in Portland, getting the food truck experience is definitely a must! There are so many options and it’s such a fun way to get a taste of this foodie town! Xoxo

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