Spring To-Do List

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty low-key, in a good way. Friday night, I went out for drinks and fish tacos with a fellow Tahoe blogger, which was a lot of fun! Saturday was pretty much gym, lunch and errands with the hubs, and then getting some stuff done around the house. Yesterday, we took Lola for a walk on a new-to-us trail and soaked in the beauty of Tahoe…even if it was a super windy day! I posted the picture above on Instagram yesterday, and I ended up taking some additional pictures with our camera that I’ll be sharing later this week. 
Anyway, although it’s not exactly warm here in Tahoe yet, the sunshine and blue skies have me really excited for spring! Heavenly (the ski resort by our house) closed for the season yesterday and I’m looking forward to more free time for weekend trips over the next couple of months. We’ve got four out of state weddings to attend between June and August, so I already know our summer will be busy to say the least. That’s why I wanted to take this time between now and Memorial Day to really focus on exploring some places closer to Tahoe, as well as being productive and getting a few things done. And since I’m a compulsive list maker, I thought I’d do what I’ve done for other seasons in the past and share my to-do list!

Spring 2013 To-Do List

Get a hair cut
This one is way overdue. 

Go to San Francisco
I haven’t been since October, so I’m eager to go back for a weekend soon! 

Focus on eating 80-90% Paleo
I feel (and look) my best when I eliminate most sugar/grains from my diet, so since we won’t be traveling much over the next few weeks, I really want to make eating healthy a priority.

Try a new recipe for dinner each week
Now that more veggies are in season, I really want to put some new meals in our weekly rotations…I tried a recipe this weekend that was delicious (and I’ll be sharing it later this week!) so I’m looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen more this spring. 

Visit a National Park 
I’m hoping we’ll either be able to take a trip back to Yosemite or venture a little further south to see Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks…or maybe both! 

Clean out my closet
I got a head start on this over the weekend and it feels great to get rid of things I no longer wear…between Cam and I, we’ve already filled 3 garbage bags!

Invest in some new spring pieces
Out with the old, in with the new! As I cleaned out my closet, I’m definitely in need of a few new pieces. One my list? Boyfriend jeans, new sandals, and some higher quality basics likes tees and tanks, as some of mine (that I’m getting rid of) are worn out. 

Start running again
Although I do love going our gym, I’d like to incorporate running back into my fitness routine at least once a week this spring. I don’t have plans for any upcoming races, I just miss spending that time outside to clear my head.

Be more organized at work 
This is a constant work in progress for me. I really love my job, but it involves a lot of different balls being in the air at once, and I could be better about working smarter, not harder. I want to work on managing my stress level and staying on top of things. 

Go wine tasting
Since living in Tahoe, we’ve only gone out to Napa/Sonoma once (and it was only for the day!) so I’m dying to take another trip out there soon. Also, Sunset Magazine had a great feature this month on some of the wineries/restaurants in the California Gold Country region and they are even closer to us than Napa, so I’d love to explore that area as well. 

Stay on top of spring cleaning
I feel such a sense of peace when the house is clean, and Cameron and I got a great jump start on spring cleaning this weekend. Now I want work on tackling some deep cleaning projects and actually put some of my Pinterest ideas to use! 

Schedule time to connect with friends
As a recruiter, I’m on the phone all day with work so I’m not always the best with picking up the phone to call my friends. Plus, many of them live on the East Coast so with the time difference we can end up playing phone tag for weeks before we connect. I really want to make more of an effort to schedule time for phone dates to catch up with friends this spring! 

Get out and hike
Spring is a great time for hiking as waterfall are roaring full force after the snow melt and wild flowers are in full bloom. Plus, with April/May being shoulder season (aka after the ski season but before the summer crowds) in Tahoe, it’s a perfect time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Sierras. I love hiking and there are quite a few different trails that Cam and I have on our list that we’d love to explore ASAP. 

So there you have it, my goals for the rest of April and May…what about you? Any fun plans for spring? I’d love to hear!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start! Xoxo