Charming Charleston

Are you sick of photo posts yet? Well, too bad because I’ve got more! 🙂
When my friend Katie got engaged last year, I was really hoping that she’d have her wedding in Charleston. Cam and I visited Charleston a few times while we lived in South Carolina and totally fell in love with the historic charm of the city. Katie and I went to high school together in Michigan, but she and her boyfriend (now husband!) moved to Charleston two years ago. It’s such a gorgeous and romantic city, which explains why it’s such a popular wedding spot. So their “destination” wedding (they live in Charleston, but pretty much everyone else that attended the wedding had to travel from out of town–pictures to come tomorrow!) ended up being a great excuse for a little Southern vacation! Cam and I drove in from Greenville, my parents flew in from Michigan, and then my sister and her boyfriend flew in from NYC. We hadn’t all been together since last summer, so it was really nice to spend time together as a family. My parents and sister had been to Charleston before, but my sister’s boyfriend, Ben, had never been so we all had a lot of fun exploring the city during our long weekend together!
{Warning: This post has a lot of pictures/details because that’s the only way I know how to write a post!}

Our first meal after my parents and Ben and Melissa got to town on Friday was lunch at Poogan’s Porch…this place is a Queen Street institution does Southern classics perfectly! Definitely a must in Charleston!
Cameron had to take a phone call when we were taking the picture above, so I had to make sure to take one of him in front of Poogan’s Porch too because he was the most excited out of all of us to go there! We had eaten there on one of our previous trips to Charleston, and it’s one of his all-time favorite restaurants 🙂
Poogan’s Porch has lots of traditional Southern favorites, but everything is prepared really well. One of the things they are known for their buttermilk fried chicken (which Cameron, my mom, and Ben all got) but they’ve got a lot of other great dishes as well. My dad and I both got the shrimp and oysters (which came with pimento cheese coleslaw and sweet potato fries) and they were just perfectly fried without too much breading. Poogan’s Porch also has the sweetest sweet tea I’ve ever tasted along with to-die-for biscuits with honey butter!
After stuffing ourselves at lunch, we spent some time browsing and shopping on King Street
St. Michael’s Church on Meeting St
One thing I adore about Charleston is all the gorgeous flowers in bloom everywhere!
Checking out the City Market…
Traditional sweetgrass baskets for sale everywhere
Had to stop by the Charleston Candy Kitchen to sample some fresh made pralines! 
I love all the stately buildings all over Charleston, like this Customs House
After walking around the city for awhile, we headed out by the water and the photos ensued…
We also got to see a cruise ship that had docked heading out to the ocean
I think this pineapple fountain is so pretty 🙂
If you haven’t figured out already, I love Charleston!
Cam and I spent some more time that afternoon walking around all the gorgeous historic neighborhoods…
The gardens in Charleston are as impressive as the gorgeous homes!
For dinner, we ate at Fleet Landing–it’s a casual place with a fun ambiance that’s right on the water!
They had an inside/outside bar which was fun and I loved my shrimp and grits that I ordered for dinner!
Pre-dinner drinks on the deck
I personally think that Charleston is prettiest in the morning–the streets are quiet and it’s not too hot yet!
Back down by the water on Saturday morning
Cameron and I had a great time relaxing over the course of the weekend 🙂
Saturday morning, we had brunch at the popular Hominy Grill and really liked it! 
My two favorite guys
Ben just loved Charleston!
It was great to spend Father’s Day weekend with my dad! 
After breakfast, we decided to head out to the beach for a bit before the wedding. Unfortunately we ran into a lot of traffic on the way so we didn’t have much time to swim…but it was still fun!
Folly Beach, SC 
New Yorkers cooling off
Dad and I
This guy had the best time swimming in the ocean, so glad we got to go for a little bit!
Another restaurant that we tried (and loved) in Charleston this trip was Dixie Supply Bakery & Cafe
Definitely more of a hole in the wall type of place, but they had the most delicious food! (And apparently they’ve been featured on Food Network as well, so that was cool!) One thing we tried was this amazing eggs benedict that had giant pieces of pork belly aka super thick cut bacon–it was so good! 
They also had awesome cinnamon rolls too! 
We went there for breakfast for Father’s Day, it was so nice for us to be able to celebrate with my dad!
Happy Father’s Day!
Dad and his girls
After breakfast, we spent some time walking around down by the Battery–such a pretty area! 
The fam
White Point Gardens
Finally, we stopped to a quick bite at the Noisy Oyster on Sunday before heading out of town
This place is right by the City Market and has a lot of seafood options; I liked that it had booths that were inside but right next to the open windows so you could people watch…but at the same time it’s super touristy and with all the other good food in Charleston, I probably wouldn’t recommend it. But it worked for us to get a quick lunch on our way to the airport so it was fine for what it was.
As you may have gathered from reading my blog, exploring the local food scene is definitely a huge priority whenever Cameron and I travel and we love trying new restaurants. Here were a couple other places we discovered on this trip to Charleston…
The Belmont: While in town, I was able to meet up with another girl, Ashley,  who works for my company and lives in Charleston. Since a lot of the people who work for my company work remotely all over the US, I’ve never met most of them and definitely jump at the chance to meet up with a fellow employee in person whenever I can! Cameron and I went out to dinner with her and her boyfriend, and afterwards we went to get drinks at a fun little spot called the Belmont on Upper King Street. They had a very unique cocktail menu; I personally love spicy drinks (anything with jalapeno is right up my alley!) and I had two very inventive drinks that were absolutely perfect! Definitely recommend this place!
Kaminsky’s: This place is right by the City Market, stays open really late, and has killer desserts. We got some of the Tollhouse Pie and a chocolate milkshake (because that’s completely necessary for two people) and they were both really good! Definitely worth a stop if you’re looking for something sweet!
Queen Street Grocery: Cam and I went here for breakfast one morning before my family arrived and really enjoyed it. They have delicious sweet and savory crepes, it seemed like it was a little more off the beaten path, and would be perfect if you want something quick/not so heavy for breakfast in Charleston.
Bakehouse Bakery Cafe: Cameron and I got coffee here one morning and all of their pastries looked incredible. Aparently this place used to be called Baked (of NYC/cookbook/brownie recipe) fame, but now has new owners. Cameron got a key lime tart to have with his coffee which was so delicious, and I definitely tried one of those salted caramel marshmallows–it was divine!
Our trip to Charleston was so much fun, and it’s a city that I’d absolutely love to go back to again soon! I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures from the wedding we went to while we were down there…and then I have some big news to share later this week! Xoxo

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