Keep up with me in Oregon…

As you probably already know, Google Reader is going away tomorrow. 
I personally don’t use Google Reader to follow blogs (I just keep up with them via my Blogger Dashboard), but I know a lot of people do. I wanted to make sure that you’re able to keep following In the Pink & Green, so here are a few ways to do that.
1. Bloglovin’

This seems to be the popular option for following blogs in place of Google Reader, and I’ve been getting more notifications lately that people are following me here. I don’t really use it myself, but after checking out the site, it seems very clean and easy to navigate. I’ve added the Bloglovin’ button to my sidebar and you can {click here} to follow me! 

2. Follow by email

Right underneath the Bloglovin’ button is a box where you can enter your email address, and BAM! Email in your inbox every time I write a new post. Easy peasy.

I’m also contemplating making a Facebook page for my blog? Not sure about it yet, but I’ll keep ya posted! Hope that everyone is having a good weekend! Xoxo