Wedding Season Kickoff

As I’ve mentioned before, Cameron and I have multiple weddings to attend this summer because four of my close girlfriends are getting married this year. My friend Meaghan’s wedding was the first of the bunch on June 8th (two days after our anniversary!), and her wedding was really lovely. Meaghan is one of my close friends from high school (I’ve managed to stay really close friends with a group of my friends from high school, which I’m finding isn’t all that common) and she had her wedding in our hometown. I took a bunch of photos (of course), so here are some of my favorites from the day:

Trying our new camera lens before the wedding–for those that have asked, my dress is from Nordstrom!
Outside the church
Meaghan’s reception was at a country club in our town, it was really pretty! 
She also had different types of pie instead of a wedding cake
Had to get a couple pics with my hot date 🙂
My friend Ryanne and I
Checking out Meg’s wedding band
Lake Orion ladies
The bride & groom
So happy for you Meaghan!
Pure Michigan
Both of my Katie’s are getting married this summer too!
These four ladies were my best friends in high school, and I’m so glad that we have remained so close through the years. We have so many memories together and even though we live across the country, I love that all our families still live in Lake Orion so we get to see each other when we’re back in town. Meaghan’s wedding was definitely a great start to this year’s wedding season, I can’t wait for the rest of the summer! Xoxo