Flying Kites in Cannon Beach, OR

Happy Friday everyone!
Before we head into the weekend, I thought I’d share a few photos from a little day trip Cameron and I took this past Saturday. Cannon Beach is a charming little seaside town on the Oregon Coast, about an hour and a half from his parents’ house (which is where we’re currently staying until we can move into our apartment). Cam took me here on my first visit to Oregon back in summer of 2008, which seems like forever ago now! We also spent a beautiful day on the beach there back at Christmastime in 2011, but we hadn’t been back since then. Even though the weather on Saturday was a little cool, it was nice and sunny so we figured we might as well take a little drive out to the ocean…and I’m so glad we did!
Elk Creek flowing into the Pacific Ocean with Haystack Rock in the distance
A group of horses on the beach–I’d love to do this!
Apparently this sculpture is to commemorate Sacagawea and Clark’s (of Lewis & Clark’s) encounter with the Tillamook tribe of  Native Americans
Downtown Cannon Beach is really lovely, it kind of reminds me of a more laid-back version of Carmel, CA. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the gorgeous flowers as we strolled through town, everything was in full bloom and so beautiful!

I loved all the massive hanging baskets of petunias, so pretty!

Because it was kind of a chilly day and not exactly swimming weather, lots of people on the beach were flying kites. And because I’m officially an Oregon resident now, I figured that I obviously needed a kite too…when in Rome, right? Ha!

Cameron and I stopped in this cute little shop called Once Upon a Breeze, and apparently it’s the oldest kite shop in town. The had an awesome selection of colorful kites, I loved checking out all the different styles. People in Cannon Beach are pretty serious about their kites!
The kite I ended up deciding on
New kite in hand, we headed down to the beach to give it a try! 
Cam took it for a spin first…
Not as easy as it looks! 
My turn!
So it’s basically impossible not to look awkward flying a kite, but oh well!

After getting our fill of kite flying, we took at walk on the beach toward Haystack Rock. It makes Cannon Beach very recognizable, and makes for pretty photos! Plus, there is just something about being by the ocean that’s so wonderfully relaxing.

Finally, we made a stop at an adorable little place called Chocolate Cafe while in Cannon Beach. They had a wide variety of chocolates to choose from, along with the most decadent milkshakes! Definitely worth a stop if you’re ever in town!
My dark chocolate milkshake–so so good!
We’ll definitely be back to Cannon Beach again, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of Oregon in the weeks and months to come! Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Xoxo