Sweet Potato Fries & Garlic Truffle Aioli

I’ve got two recipe to share with you today and it’s a combo you don’t want to miss!

On a random weekend before we moved out of Tahoe, Cameron and I were trying to use up this enormous bag of sweet potatoes we got at Costco. We thought that making a giant batch of sweet potato fries would be pretty tasty, so that’s just what we did! And of course, you can’t have fries without something to dip them in (or at least I can’t), and a creamy aioli is definitely my favorite choice, so we decided to make some of that as well. 
This Saturday project of making homemade fries and aioli was definitely a team effort with Cameron tackling the fries while I handled the aioli. Here’s the recipe he used: 
Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Recipe Source: Cookie + Kate

Sweet potatoes. I’d plan on at least one per person.
(Also it’s important to note that we used yams not sweet potatoes…many people use the terms interchangeably but sweet potatoes are actually yellow and yams are orange…it’s just everyone calls yams sweet potatoes, and when you go to a restaurant the orange sweet potato fries you get like these are actually yam fries…just FYI)
Corn starch. A big sprinkle’s worth. (optional)
Olive oil. A couple of tablespoons or so.
Salt, pepper and spices.
Amy suggested cumin, but I much prefer cayenne pepper, paprika or curry
powder. Garlic is great as well. It’s up to you!


Preheat the oven
to 450 degrees F. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into fry-shaped
pieces (see photos). Try to cut them into similarly sized pieces so the
fries will bake evenly.

Toss the uncooked
fries into a mixing bowl or a plastic bag, or just onto your baking
sheet. Sprinkle with cornstarch (if using) and pour in a few tablespoons
of olive oil, enough to lightly coat the fries. Season with salt,
pepper, and spices. I’d try to use half a teaspoon per potato or so.
Mix/shake to distribute evenly (corn starch should be evenly mixed in so
there are no powdery spots).

Pour the fries
directly onto a non-stick baking sheet for best results (lining with
aluminum foil produces mixed results and parchment paper can burn in the
hot oven). Arrange your fries in a single layer and don’t overcrowd,
otherwise they will never crisp up. 
Cam actually opted to bake them raised on a rack like this to help make them more crispy
Bake for 15
minutes, then flip the fries so they can cook on all sides. I find the
easiest way to flip them is with a metal spatula. Section by section,
scoop up about ten fries and flip them with a quick turn of the wrist.

Bake for 10 to 15
more minutes, until the fries are crispy. You’ll know they’re done when
the surface of the fries change from shiny orange to a more matte,
puffed up texture. It’s essential to bake them long enough, otherwise
they won’t be crispy. Don’t worry if the edges are a little bit brown,
they will taste more caramelized than burnt.

I think that sweet potato fries are such a perfect combinations of sweet and salty and these fries definitely fit the bill. We seriously could not stop eating them, they were so delicious! We made a few batches a little less done, and some that were more extra crispy–it’s all personal preference in how you want to make them!

For the aioli, I found a recipe on one of my favorite food blogs, PaleOMG. Aioli is really similar to mayonaisse, and if you’ve never made your own homemade mayo then you need to ASAP. It tastes amazing and it’s nice knowing that you’re eating something that’s not full of chemicals/preservatives. This aioli is super easy, here’s the recipe I used:

Garlic Truffle Aioli
 Recipe Source: PaleOMG


2 garlic cloves, peeled
2 egg yolks
juice of ½ a lemon
pinch of coarse salt
½-3/4 cup olive oil
3 tablespoons black truffle oil



In your food processor, add the garlic
cloves, egg yolks, lemon and salt and mix well to combine. Scrape the
sides down as needed to make sure the garlic cloves break down
Once everything is
mixed, turn food processor back on and begin to pour the olive oil is
VERY SLOWLY. I mean super slow. Tablespoon by tablespoon, dripping in
there very slow. Did I say slow?
After you mix in ¾
cup olive oil, mix in the black truffle oil, slowly as well. The
slower, the better. Once the mixture thickens, you’ll have your aioli.
If the mixture is still thin, add more olive oil.

The aioli really took these fries to the next level, and the flavor from the truffle oil is just divine. Although it took a little bit of work to make both recipes, it was totally worth the effort and we ended up eating a lot of fries and aioli that Saturday afternoon.

Also, both the fries and the aioli are Paleo, which is pretty awesome if you ask me! It’s a perfect example of how Paleo is not about depriving yourself and eating all these weird foods, but it’s about eating real food that tastes really good and makes you feel great too!
(Technically cornstarch is not Paleo, but it’s optional whether or not you want to use that on the fries!)

If you’re looking for something do to this weekend, I highly suggest that you add making a batch of these delicious fries with aioli to your agenda, you’ll be glad you did! Tomorrow’s Friday friends, we’re almost there! Xoxo


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