Wedding Season: A Beautiful Barn Party

The summer of weddings continues! 
Earlier this month, one of my best college friends got married and I was so happy to be able to attend. The wedding was really gorgeous and unique, so I’m really excited to share some photos from the day! (Also, I promised Kelly I would since she reads my blog on the reg!) 
Kelly and Blake had their wedding at this very charming venue near Grand Rapids, MI (on the west side of the state for those of you not familiar with the Mitten) and it was honestly so perfect for them. The entire day looked like it could have come straight from Pinterest, as “barn rustic chic” style weddings are really trendy right now. However, the great thing about their wedding was it was just so authentic to who Kelly and Blake are as a couple. Having their wedding at a barn is totally what they would have done whether it was “cool” or not, and it was really evident that all the little details of the day were chosen not because they were trendy but because they represented them.

Their outdoor ceremony was held in front of the property’s classic red barn and it made the perfect backdrop for saying “I do”!

Wedding program
The new Mr. & Mrs!
Cam and I were originally both supposed to go to the wedding, but then with the timing of his new job/our move, he ended up staying in Tahoe to move our stuff (which was really awesome of him). And it ended up working out well that my sister could go with me instead as she came up to visit me a lot at U of M and knows all my college friends really well. I was so glad it worked out that she could go with me!

 Immediately following the ceremony was an outdoor cocktail hour…


One of the highlights of the wedding was getting to spend time with my friend Katelynn and her darling twin girls! I got to meet them for the first time last month when I was in South Carolina, but it was so great to get to see them again. They are so adorable!

Kelly and Blake’s wedding venue very unique in the fact that it’s real working farm, complete with all sorts of animals. It was such a beautiful setting and it seemed like all the everyone had fun checking out the barnyard guests!

I seriously want to own goats one day. 
Anyway…in addition to the animals, the grounds of the farm were really pretty with tons of colorful flowers everywhere. It was cool because Kelly didn’t have to bring in a bunch of extra decorations as it was such a charming setting all on its own!
I had such a great time catching up with my friends from college throughout the evening, as well as hanging out with my sister. I really wish that we all lived closer to one another!
{Outfit info} Melissa’s dress: Forever21 // My dress: J.Crew
Kristen’s bridesmaid dress was also from J.Crew and I’m kind of obsessed with it/want to order it for myself!
My two favorite redheads 🙂

Dinner was held in the barn; the menu of pulled pork and mac & cheese was perfect for the relaxed, casual feel of the evening and all the decor details were really pretty.
The newlyweds’ first dance…
So stunning!
One of the more non-traditional aspects of the reception was having Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of a wedding cake–but everyone loved them!
I will not reveal the number of these I ate by the end of the night. Woof.

And last but not least, I am NOT a cat person…but there were some kittens running around on the farm that night that were pretty darn cute.

Melissa holding one of the full-grown barn cats…standard wedding behavior.

Blake and Kelly’s wedding was really lovely and it perfectly fit who they are as a couple. I’m so glad I was able to attend, and I wish them the best of luck in their marriage! Xoxo

Sunset photo from the end of the night 🙂