{Photo from the fair we went to on Friday night}

Happy Sunday everyone!
I hope you’ve been having a fabulous weekend. I’ve enjoyed reading The Sunday Currently posts over at Siddathornton for awhile now, and thought I’d link up today and join in the fun. Here goes!

C U R R E N T L Y…

READING: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald…I downloaded this book on my Kindle awhile ago but just started reading it this weekend. I’m not very far in yet, but I’ve heard that it’s very similar to The Paris Wife, a book that I absolutely loved. Hoping to make some progress on it today!

WRITING: This post (obviously) along with some guest posts/articles for professional career blogs for work–I’ll have more info on the “My Day Job” tab on my nav bar once I finish updating it!

WATCHING: Orange is the New Black on Netflix…this show is messed up. Cam watched House of Cards, Netflix’s other original series, awhile ago and loved it so we thought we’d check this show out to see what the fuss was about. Netflix is definitely trying to push the envelope with the mature content, and the show is fairly graphic. However, it’s also extremely compelling, well-cast, and addicting.

LISTENING: Sara Bareilles new album, The Blessed Unrest, on repeat. She’s one of my favorite artists and I think she’s so incredibly talented. I picked this CD up at Starbucks a couple of weeks ago and have been really enjoying it, especially the song ‘Manhattan’. It’s so perfectly sad and beautiful.

THINKING: I can’t believe it’s already August?! I really need to get out and enjoy summer before it’s over because I’m pretty sure I literally haven’t put on my bathing suit once since leaving Tahoe. Not ok.

SMELLING: Coffee, bacon, and the forest aka Sunday morning at Cam’s parents house.

WISHING: That I could go visit my sister in Ibiza! She’s there for work all summer (lucky duck!) and all to the photos she’s been posting on her Instagram have been so gorgeous. However, with moving and all the weddings we’ve had this summer, taking an international vacation just isn’t in the cards.

HOPING: To have a little more self-control when it comes to healthy eating this week because I’ve been failing pretty miserably with it lately. Cam’s parents have tons of nutritious food in their fridge/pantry…but they also have plenty of treats on hand that I’ve had a hard time resisting. Not gonna lie, it’s been (really) fun to indulge while living here these past few weeks. However, I really need to get back on track with cleaning up my diet because eating crap wreaks havoc on my body/skin.

WEARING: I’m still trying figure out this Oregon weather; it will be cool and cloudy in the mornings but then get really hot and sunny later in the day so I never know what to wear. I’ve pretty much been living in these jeans and these tanks for the past few weeks.

LOVING: That we move into our new apartment NEXT weekend! Woooooo!

WANTING: To make this salad before the summer is over.

NEEDING: To get my bridesmaid’s dress altered for my friend Katie’s wedding over Labor Day. It was delivered earlier this week and it’s way too big on top (story of my life in the IBTC, ha) so I need to have it taken in ASAP. It’s a really beautiful dress though and I can’t wait to wear it and watch my friends tie the knot in Michigan in just a few short weeks!

FEELING: Excited to attend a special Portland Food Bloggers dinner put on by Farmers Revival tomorrow! I’ll be sharing more information about the event later this week, but for now you should totally check out their Kickstarter because their concept is really fantastic.

CLICKING: On my article that got published on Levo League! Levo is such a great resource for Gen Y women, and I’m excited to be a contributor. I posted it on a social media on Friday, but wanted to share it here as well–I’d love if you checked it out!
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Enjoy your Sunday everyone! Xoxo