Pillow Talk

Happy Hump Day everyone!
This week is flying by, which is great because we are leaving to fly to Michigan tomorrow (woo!)…but I also have quite a bit that I need to get done before then!
Anyway, our new apartment is slowly but surely starting to come together. This weekend, we spent a lot of time getting things organized which was annoying but necessary. Now I finally feel like everything has a place to be put away, which is HUGE, and it doesn’t feel like cluttery mess anymore. Such a relief!

However, in terms of decorating it’s still not “done” like I want it to be.
Which in a house would be one thing, because I’d be more willing to take the time to slowly find pieces that I like. But considering that we only have a year lease for this apartment and then will hopefully be moving (aka buying) some place more permanent, I’d like to just get our apartment looking somewhat cute as soon as possible so I can post pictures of it on my blog we can enjoy it. Plus, it’s a pretty small space so it’s not like we need to do much more for it to be “done”.

 In terms of what envisioned for the apartment, I’m really loving grays right now and that’s the main color scheme we wanted to go with. I posted a couple of weeks ago about our search for a rug, and we did end up settling on something gray and white…but it’s not any of the options that I posted about–you’ll just have to wait and see! We also got our couch delivered, and it’s more of a charcoal gray. So far, I’ve purchased two pillows for the couch–this one and this one (in the lighter color).

But we definitely need a few more pillows for our couch/chair and now I’m kind of torn. Part of me wants to just stick with all black, white, and gray as I think it’s classic, would be cohesive, and would fit in well with our space. On the other hand, the weather in Oregon outside our window will be pretty gray most of the time and it might be nice to have some pops of color to brighten things up.

Here are some of my favorite pillow choices for each option…

Crazy over Color

I wouldn’t be putting all these colored pillows together, these are just a few that caught my eye! (Apparently I’m liking orange this week, weird…)

A few final things: 
1. I am definitely NOT a decorator. I know what I like and can “pin” inspiration rooms all day long, but when it comes to actually choosing things myself and mixing colors/patterns, that’s another story. There are many choices out there and I find it kind of overwhelming trying to decide what to pick!
2. Speaking of choices, I’m slightly obsessed with Society6 at the moment. Which is probably evident considering their pillows make up about half the choices on this page.
3. I know there are tons of other online/Etsy shops out there with cute pillows…anyone have suggestions on where to find cute pillows that are reasonably priced? I’d love your suggestions!
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  1. August 28, 2013 / 11:54 am

    I'm starting to decorate my new apartment too – I'm excited to follow along your journey!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. August 28, 2013 / 1:25 pm

    You should check out West Elm's website… I just got an email this morning that their pillows are 30% off right now! 🙂

  3. August 30, 2013 / 1:27 am

    i am the worst decorator ever and just want to buy everything that i think is cute even if it doesnt go together

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