Fall Goals


I’m pretty sure I used this same quote for one of my fall posts last year, but I’m on a big F. Scott Fitzgerald kick right now and think it’s just so perfect for this time of the year.

Even though I’m no longer a student, there is something about the fall that still feels like the start of a new year to me. Summer is always busy with travel and social events like weddings, whereas autumn is the perfect time to get back into a routine. Something about the chill in the air makes me feel ambitious and excited to tackle new projects. (Even though it’s not exactly chilly in Portland with highs in the 90’s this week, but you get what I’m saying!) Plus, now that things have settled down a little bit after moving to Oregon, finding an apartment, and our recent trip to Michigan (more on that later this week!), I’m looking forward to trying to get a little more organized in the coming months.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know that:
1. I’m a compulsive list maker
2. I’m a big fan of list-style blog posts
3. I love writing list posts at the beginning of each season with things I’d like to accomplish over the next few months, as there are things that I look forward to during each season of the year
4. I just realized I’m writing a list now (see #1)

Anywayyy, here are some of the things I’m hoping to do between now and Thanksgiving:

Go back to eating 80% Paleo
We have majorly slacked on this over the summer, but it’s only reconfirmed the fact that I truly feel better when I eat better. Not exactly rocket science, we just need to get back to doing it.

Find a church in Portland 
Definitely an important priority to us as we continue to settle into our new city.
Go to Oktoberfest
Cam’s been talking about this all summer, and what’s more fall-ish than Oktoberfest?
Start meal planning again
Between moving/traveling, meal planning has fallen by the wayside the past few months. But when it comes to eating healthy I know that  fail to plan = plan to fail.
Focus on growing my blog
Blogging is something I enjoy and I’ve managed to stick with it for much longer than I ever anticipated. I’d really like to make it more of a priority this fall and open myself up to new opportunities.
Show my parents around Portland/Oregon
My parents are coming to Portland at the end of the month and I think their visit will be a good opportunity to hit up some fun landmarks that I either haven’t seen or haven’t been to in awhile.
Read 10 books
Cam and I are opting not to get cable TV now that we’re living downtown. I’m hoping to read a lot more this fall and I’d love to hear any book recommendations you have!
Share some apartment photos on the blog
I have a few more things I’d like to get done first, but I’m hoping to post pictures soon!
Go to Seattle
I’ve only been once and it’s only a three hour drive from Portland, so I want to go ASAP.
Start running again
Where we lived in Tahoe was not conducive to running at all, but I’m hoping to get back into it a few times a week. Nothing like a good run on a crisp fall day to clear your head!
Be better about calling friends and family
I am the worst when it comes to returning phone calls or calling friends/family to catch up. This fall, I’d like to get off the computer/social media and pick up the phone more.
Go to watch at least 2 U of M alumni football games
Apparently, there is a “U of M bar” here in Portland, so I’m hoping to catch at least a couple of the Michigan football games there between now and November. Go Blue!
Work somewhere new once a week
Working from home, it’s really easy to be even more of a hermit once the weather starts to get cold. However, Portland has so many cute coffee shops that I really want to force myself to get out there more and do some work in a place that’s not my apartment every now and then.
Go to the pumpkin patch
This is kind of a given.
Find a gym/get back in a workout routine
In addition to running, I really need to find some sort of gym or group fitness class to be a part of. I feel so much better when I’m working out regularly and I personally prefer to have a specific time I need to be at a class with an instructor telling me what to do vs. working out on my own.
Go out to Bend, OR for the weekend
We didn’t have a chance to get out there this summer, and I’d like to make time this fall.
Attend Feast Portland
Really looking forward to this event, I’ll have some more details to share about it tomorrow!
Go to Tampa
This isn’t so much a goal as something that’s already on the calendar. I have to travel to Tampa for a work event later this fall, and I’m really excited about going to it.
Add a few fall pieces to my wardrobe
With our move, Cam and I have been trying to go through our closets and get rid of things we don’t wear. While I still want to keep purging my closet, I am also hoping to find a couple quality items that I’ll be able to have for years to come to replace some of the things I’ve gotten rid of.
Get together with friends once a week
Another thing I’m hoping to get out of not having cable TV is to be more motivated to go out and get together with friends during the week–the extrovert in me needs to make time to socialize!
Explore Oregon Wine Country
I know fall is a great time to check out wineries and Oregon has a lot of them!
Go hiking at least twice
This is my favorite way to spend an afternoon with Cam and Lola 🙂
Start planning our next international trip
I love having a vacation on the calendar to look forward to…
Find better Work/Life/Sleep balance
This is probably my biggest priority this fall as I currently spend way too much time on certain areas and not enough on others (*cough* SLEEPING *cough*) and know I need to have more balance.

What about you? Any goals for the fall? I’d love to hear about them! Xoxo