It’s Feast Portland Time!

The time has finally come–Feast Portland starts TODAY! 
I have been looking forward to this event for weeks, and I’m so pumped that it’s here! For those of you wondering what the heck I’m talking about, Feast is a four-day food festival taking place in Portland this weekend. It features a wide variety of events that celebrate the abundance of amazing ingredients here in Oregon and the money raised goes to help fight childhood hunger, which is awesome. Plus, it draws in tons of chefs and foodies (an estimated 10,000 according to this article!) from across the country, so it’s really a perfect opportunity to take a culinary weekend getaway here in PDX.
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I was fortunate enough to be granted a Blogger Pass for this year’s festival and am planning on attending quite a few different events over the next four days. Here’s what’s on my agenda: 

(In the spirit of full disclosure, my pass is allowing me to attend quite a few events for free, however, this event is definitely something I would have planned on attending without the pass and all opinions expressed are my own!) 
However, there are SO MANY different things going on in Portland this weekend for Feast, both officially as part of the event and then quite a few “unofficial” satellite events as well. I though I’d also share some links that I’ve seen floating around on social media recently that might be helpful if you’re going to be in Portland this weekend and interested in checking things out: 
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 Also, Pacific Natural Foods is hosting free pedicab rides to Feast events throughout the weekend!
(I’m planning on trying to attend quite a few of the “unofficial” events as well, just FYI!)
Finally, be sure to follow along with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as I’ll be sharing as many live updates as possible from Feast throughout the weekend!