¿Por Que No?

Happy Wednesday everyone! 
Today, I’ve got another fun Portland restaurant to share with you! 
(I know I’ve been posting a ton of restaurant reviews lately, we’ve just tried so many great places recently that I want to blog about them all!) 
¿Por Que No? is a fun little taqueria with two locations on the east side of Portland. I had heard great things about this place and whenever we drove by it always seemed really busy, which to me is usually a good sign! We visited the location on Hawthorne on a rainy Sunday night, and there was only a short line when we got there. The way the restaurant works is that you go up to the counter to place your order, seat yourself wherever you want, and then they bring your food out to you. They’re known for their tacos (obviously) and have a lot of interesting choices to choose from!
The restaurant has big windows in front that were open, along with additional outdoor seating in back, so it has a very indoor/outdoor type feel which I love! I also really liked the eclectic decor.
I tried their standard margarita; it was good but they had some other fruit flavors that looked great!
I loved the homemade guac and chips we ordered to start our meal
They have a fun outdoor seating area in the back, which is where we sat
I tried a Camarones taco which featured wild shrimp and pinapple–it was really fresh and delicious!
I also had a Carnitas taco with Carlton Farms pork and local queso fresco–yum!

Cam and I had somewhat differing opinions regarding ¿Por Que No? after our meal. He thought it was a little overrated and not necessarily the type of place he would wait in line for. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the atmosphere and thought the food was delicious. It definitely has a fun, hipster kind of feel and I get why it’s so popular. Even though Cam wasn’t the biggest fan, I have a feeling we’ll be back again soon so I can try to change his mind because I loved it! 🙂

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