Feast Portland: Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since Feast Portland–this fall is seriously flying by! I know I shared quite a bit of information prior to the festival along with posting my review of one of the dinner series events I attended, however, I still have one (way overdue!) final recap for you today!

Feast consisted of so many awesome events over the four days of the festival, but one of the main highlights was definitely the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting. It took place at Pioneer Courthouse Square (aka right in the heart of downtown Portland) on both Friday and Saturday from 12-5pm. The word “Bounty” in the event’s title was extremely fitting as it did an incredible job of showcasing what makes food (and drinks!) here in Oregon so special, and was total sensory overload in the best possible way!

The price for a ticket for one day of this event was $60, which is significantly less than many of the other Feast events, but I realize it’s still a substantial amount of money. I was granted free entry into the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting both Friday and Saturday thanks to my Blogger Pass, however, after experiencing the event firsthand I can wholeheartedly say that it is so worth the ticket price and I would definitely pay out of my own pocket to attend. As you’ll see below, Cameron actually did end up paying for a ticket for himself (and absolutely loved it) and agreed that it was totally worth it! We’ve both been to quite a few different craft beer festivals where you have to pay an entry fee, then you still have to buy tokens to try the beer, plus you still have to pay for food. For the Grand Tasting, your ticket price included unlimited food, beer, and wine, so really $60 isn’t bad at all when you think about it! Another really nice thing about the Grand Tasting is that it was not super crowded. There were a lot of people that attended and it was definitely busy, but there were so many different vendors that we never had to wait in line to try any of the food/wine/beer and things were really well-organized!

The thing about this event that Cameron and I both agreed made it really outstanding was the quality of the vendors that participated. A lot of times at festivals like this, you’ll get some great stuff…along with booths that are essentially filler. Not so at the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting; it was an extremely well-curated event! Lots of people who attend Feast do come in from out of town, and so the Grand Tasting is a perfect way to sample so many of the different restaurants, wineries, bakeries, breweries and more all in one place in a short amount of time. I’d highly recommend checking it out next year!

Now, onto some of my favorite photos from this year’s Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting

The weather Friday was gorgeous! 
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the day off work though so I only stopped in for a little while at lunch 🙂
Getting the stage set up for the cooking demos!
Jenn Louis of Lincoln Restaurant giving a demonstration

KitchenAid was the sponsor for the Main Demo stage and they had a bunch of beautiful stand mixers on display. I absolutely love all the fun colors, especially that hot pink one!
Inside the main tent, there were so many amazing food options! And as I mentioned, all the food and drinks were included with the ticket price so you could really just sample anything and everything!
Breads and baked goods from Tabor Bread
Oregon Oysters
Cornbread with Oregon berry sorbet
Gluten-free treats from Kyra’s Bakeshop
I obviously had to get a Tillamook Grilled Cheese! 🙂
In addition to the main tent, there was also a special wine tent in the upper part of Pioneer Square
View of the main tent from the wine tent
Whole Foods had an awesome area as well where they were printing adorable free tote bags!
As I was leaving on Friday, I ran into Carrie Welch, one of Feast’s co-founders who I had the pleasure of doing an interview with last month. Even though I know she had 80 million things going on during Feast weekend, she seemed totally chill and like she was just enjoying it all!
Saturday morning, Cameron and I headed out toward Pioneer Square; after hearing me rave about how amazing the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting was on Friday, he decided to buy a ticket for Saturday’s festivities. On the way, we decided to stop by Director Park to check out the Whole Foods Market Best Butcher Contest & Fishmonger Face-off. This was actually a completely free event, but thanks to my Blogger Pass I had access to the VIP media area at the event which was AWESOME.
They had a baller make-your-own Bloody Mary Bar, which I definitely indulged in!

Cameron enjoying the perks of being a blogger husband…pretty sure that he was just snacking on the bloody mary garnishes like short ribs and bacon because they were so amazing 🙂

Some delicious bites in the VIP area
Unfortunately the weather on Saturday was a little rainy, but the crowds still turned out!
Watching the Fishmongers do their thing…it was seriously impressive!
We were really glad to be in the media area once the rain got a little heavier!
Whole Foods also gave out great swag bags in the VIP media area which was so nice!

Around lunchtime, Cameron and I headed from Director Park over to Pioneer Square for the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting, Day 2! Even though it was a little bit rainy, the weather didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. Lots of people turned out for the event and it was just as fun as it was on Friday!

On Saturday, we were able to watch Chef Naomi Pomeroy from Beast do an awesome cooking demo 
She was a lot of fun and very informative!
Having a blast inside the main tent!
We really enjoyed the beers we tried from Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales out of Hood River, OR!
Delicious bites in the Whole Foods area
I loved their adorable garden wall!
We also watched Chef Cathy Whims of Nostrana do a cooking demo and she was great as well!
Cam and I are huge fans of Salt & Straw so we actually hit up their cart multiple times on Saturday 🙂
Salt & Straw is known for their unique and experimental flavor combinations–they actually had a Loaded Baked Potato flavor ice cream at Feast! I tried it and it was weird….but good…but weird, ha! It seriously tasted like a Loaded Baked Potato…amazing how they could translate that to ice cream!
We also tried the Coconut Milk w/ Cashew Brittle and then Sweet Corn Waffle w/ Caramel–so good!
We love ice cream 🙂
There was even a booth where you could get pear temporary tattoos–so fun!

Heading out at the end of the event, completely stuffed from so much delicious food!

I had such a blast at the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting and would highly recommend the event to anyone that’s considering going next year! My overall experience with Feast Portland was really fantastic and I really appreciate them giving me a Blogger Pass to participate in some of this year’s festivities! Being new to Portland, participating in Feast was a really great way to get to know some fellow foodies here in town and I am already looking forward to next year!