Mom and Dad’s Visit to Oregon

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend was Cameron’s birthday and we had a great time celebrating, but I’ll have more on that later this week! Lots of fun stuff has been happening lately, and I’m getting a little behind on blogging about it all. I’m hoping to get caught up though because I love having posts full of photos from fun times to look back at…plus, life isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon! So without further adieu, I wanted to share some photos from my parents’ visit to Oregon last month!

Before I went to Florida, my mom and dad came to visit for five days and Cameron and I had a great time showing them around. As I have mentioned many times before, one of the great things about Portland is the abundance of restaurants and breweries here and so we wanted my parents to experience that…which explains why a lot of these photos are in restaurants! The weather during my parents’ trip was pretty terrible and it ended up pouring rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday while they were here. (Apparently it was an unusually heavy storm for this time of year) It was kind of unfortunate but we tried to make the best of it and didn’t let it dampen our fun (pun intended).

 Their first night in Portland, we had dinner at Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl District. I enjoy the beer at Deschutes and think that the brewery has pretty good food, however, we ended up having to wait a pretty long time to get seated so I’m kind of over this place now.

Thursday, my mom and I had a girls’ lunch at Raven & Rose.
One of the things that my dad really wanted to do during his visit to Oregon was go fishing, so he and Cam went out for a charter salmon fishing trip in Tillamook Bay…luckily they caught something!
We cooked the fish they caught for dinner that night at the apartment…delicious!

We had to go for ice cream at Salt & Straw–it was the first time I’ve been where there hasn’t been a crazy long line!
Friday, I took the day off work and had brunch with my parents at Mother’s (and had to get a pic with my mom in front of the sign, obviously). I’ll definitely be doing a full review of this place soon!

I told them they had to wear Zooey Deschanel glasses to be cool here. Ha.

They braved the rain and we walked all over downtown Friday afternoon. Good times.

Friday night, we had dinner with Cam’s parents at Laurelhurst Market; dinner was awesome, but I forgot to get any photos from the night (whoops). The only picture I got from the evening was this Instagram of my pie from our post-dinner visit to Pacific Pie Co in SE Portland. This photo does not do justice to how delicious this slice of apple pie was!
Saturday, we headed out towards the Oregon coast, despite the rainy weather. On the way, we ended up stopping for brunch at a place called Camp 18; this was a place Cameron went to eat growing up, but I had actually never been myself so it was fun to finally check it out! It’s an old timey restaurant with lots of logging equipment and interesting wood carvings everywhere…kind of like an Oregon-version of Cracker Barrel, except more lodge-y and not a cheesy chain. They have very hearty food and so it was a perfect place to stop on a rainy day!
Clam chowder and cornbread–yum!

Camp 18 Gift Shop & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We ended up driving all the way up to Astoria, Oregon and the weather was really intense. Lots of rain and very windy–not exactly and ideal day for sightseeing! We drove all the way up to the Astoria Column, which sits on the city’s highest hill, and the wind and rain was crazy!

This was the best picture Cameron could get of us if that tells you anything.
Just another day at the Oregon Coast! Ha.

We ended up going to Fort George Brewery to get out of the rain!
Next stop on the coast was the Peter Iredale shipwreck…
Crazy that it’s just sticking out of the water like that after all these years!
It was still very rainy, but we headed down to Cannon Beach, OR. We didn’t get to walk on the beach due to the weather but at least we could still see Haystack Rock! (It looked a little different than it did when we were there flying kites this summer!)

We drove a little farther down the coast, but eventually decided to turn around and head back to Cannon Beach for dinner. Despite the stormy weather we still had a good day!

We finally got a little bit of a sunset on our way out of Cannon Beach!

Everyone back at Cam’s parents’ house at the end of the day 🙂

Sunday, we had brunch at a great Cuban place called Pambiche!

I didn’t get any pictures of the food other than this shot of my juice (which was amazing), but they had such delicious food! I absolutely loved this place and we’ll definitely be back!

Sunday afternoon, we drove out to Multnomah Falls–a must-see in Oregon!

And yes, it was still raining. Ha.
The falls were absolutely roaring though, so that was pretty cool!
There is a really adorable historic restaurant at Multnomah Falls–we didn’t eat there because we were too full from brunch, but I definitely want to try it sometime!

We ended up driving out to Hood River on Sunday afternoon, as I think it’s such a fun little day trip from Portland. Since the weather wasn’t the best there wasn’t anyone out kiteboarding like there was on our way home from Lost Lake earlier this year, which was kind of a bummer. However, we ended up taking my parents to Full Sail Brewing Company, and that was a lot of fun!

Full Sail offers a free brewery tour, and since it was still raining outside, we decided to check it out. It was fairly basic and not too long, but still pretty interesting. I really enjoy their beer and, as a marketing geek, I’m a big fan of their branding as well!

Explaining the beer making process at the start of the tour
The best part was that everyone got a free Full Sail pint glass for going on the tour!

This was my third or fourth visit to Full Sail and I’m a fan!
Monday, my parents spent some more time exploring downtown and we all had lunch at the giant food cart pod at 9th and Alder. Definitely a necessary experience for their first visit to Portland!

Despite the rainy weather, we managed to have a really nice time and I’m so glad that they came to visit! I can’t wait for them to come back soon and experience more of Oregon!