My Trader Joe’s Favorites

This weekend, Cameron and I did some shopping at Trader Joe’s (Word to the wise: Don’t go to TJ’s hungry. Just don’t do it.) and it got me thinking that sharing a list of some of my favorite products might be a fun idea for a blog post!  I’ve seen other bloggers do similar posts and really enjoyed them because there are SO many different things at TJ’s that sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy! We probably shop there 1-2 times a month and I always like trying out new products as they have some really unique (and delicious!) stuff. Here are some of the items from Trader Joe’s that I’m loving lately:
Roasted Coconut Chips
These little guys are super addictive…and also (sort of) Paleo-friendly! They’re such a great snack and I love that they’re both salty and sweet. Cam’s not a huge coconut person and even he loves these!
Coconut Body Butter
Speaking of coconut, TJ’s sells the best body butter that’s perfect for dry winter skin. It’s super thick and moisturizing and smells delicious. Apparently, they also have a pumpkin version available for fall which sounds amazing, but unfortunately they didn’t have it at the store I went to this weekend. 
Beurre Meuniere Popcorn
Ok, so this stuff is kind of an acquired taste in my opinion. I picked up a bag this weekend after being enticed by the cute French flags on the bag (seriously, I am a marketer’s dream) along with the fact that it said it was drizzled with brown butter. The popcorn definitely has an herb-y flavor and Cameron found the parsley/thyme to be too overwhelming. I shared the bag with some family and friends over the weekend and honestly, no one seemed to like it that much! So I ate it myself (obviously solution, ha) and you know what? It really grew on me! It’s only $1.99 so it’s definitely worth trying!

Darrell Lea Traditional Liquorice 
Black licorice is definitely one of those flavors that people either love or hate, and I fall firmly in the first camp. I am a big fan of soft, Australian-style black licorice and Trader Joe’s sells one-pound tubs of the Darrel Lea brand, which happens to be my favorite kind. The tub I got this weekend? Already gone. Which may reflect more on the fact that I have zero self-control when it comes to candy than anything else, but honestly, this is just really delicious black licorice!

Black Truffle Oil
I love drizzling truffle oil on my salads/roasted veggies, but it’s definitely an ingredient that can get very pricey. TJ’s makes a great truffle infused olive oil that’s perfect for adding truffle flavor at a fraction of the price of a normal bottle of truffle oil. I pretty much always keep a bottle of this stuff on hand!

Pound Plus Chocolate
This is another staple in our house that we always keep on hand! Cameron and I both love having dark chocolate as an after dinner treat and TJ’s Pound Plus bars are a great way to feed your chocolate cravings without breaking the bank. These chocolate bars giant, really high-quality, and only $4.99!

Applewood Bacon
Not gonna lie, I freaking love bacon. Cameron and I eat it quite a bit for breakfast, and I’m a big fan of this apple-smoked variety from Trader Joe’s. It’s very thick-cut, which I absolutely love.

Happy Trekking Trail Mix
This trail mix is our go-to hiking snack as it’s Paleo-friendly and really delicious. Trader Joe’s has a wide-variety of different trail mixes, and it seems like these and all their bulk nuts are a great value!

Natural Jerky
Another hiking staple for us, and they have a bunch of different types/flavors. My favorites are the turkey jerky, the buffalo jerky, and the organic beef jerky. Great when you need some protein!

Alamos Malbec
Trader Joe’s is known for it’s extensive selection of inexpensive wines, and this one is probably our favorite as it’s a drinkable red that pairs well with a variety of foods. They sell it other places besides TJ’s, however, they usually seem to have the best price on it ($8.99 per bottle).

Organic Avocados (Bag of 4)
I love putting avocado on my salads and I love that TJ’s organic avocados are small because that way I can just use a whole one vs. trying to use half of a big avocado. Healthy fats FTW!

Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds
Pretty sure these don’t need any explanation. Just buy them.
So there you have it, some of my favorite TJ’s goodies! So tell me, what are your favorite products? I’d love some suggestions to check out on my next shopping trip to Trader Joe’s!