Pumpkin Patch Memories

This Saturday was Cameron’s 27th birthday! 
To celebrate, we went out to the pumpkin patch with his whole family and it was such a perfect fall day. His family goes together every year and it’s a really fun tradition!
 Pumpkin canons…
Lola was not a fan of the pumpkin chunkin that was going on. 
And yes, obviously we brought Lola to the pumpkin patch 🙂
It’s crazy how big our nephew and niece have gotten in the past year, especially compared to last year at the pumpkin patch when they were just brand-new and teeny tiny!

 Selah smiling at Uncle Cam–I love this picture 🙂
Rylan is pointing everything out 🙂
Our older nieces, Alexa and Meara, have grown so much too and are so much fun!

 After spending some time eating and exploring, we finally got on the hayride to go pumpkin picking!

It ended up being a gorgeous day! 

And of course, I forgot my sunglasses. Whoops.
Cam’s parents with the birthday boy
I tried getting a shot of Cam and Jordan…tried being the operative word.

 Right after someone got punched in the privates…ha.
Ashley and I…and my giant bag of caramel corn 🙂
 All four grandkids with their grandparents 🙂
The whole family!
 We love getting to see our nieces and nephew more often now that we live in Oregon!
(Also, I really don’t know how people have four kids…just taking this picture was chaotic enough, ha!)
After the pumpkin patch, we went back to Cam’s parents house for dinner and cake. In addition to Cam’s birthday on Saturday, his brother Brandon, our niece Selah, and our nephew Rylan all had birthdays recently so we celebrated everyone’s together which was fun!
His dimples kill me, so cute 🙂
 So many candles…ha!

Multiple birthdays means lots of cake (and pie)!
I didn’t get a chance to give Cam a birthday shoutout on the blog on Saturday, but I’m pretty happy that he was born 27 years ago. He is the best husband and I’m so thankful for him. He’s so kindhearted, he always supports me (and reads my blog), and he knows how to make me laugh. Not only do I love him but I also just really like him as a human being, and I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else.
Happy (belated) Birthday my love! Xoxo
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