Our Portland Apartment Tour

Happy Thursday everyone! 
Today, I’m finally sharing some photos of our new apartment!
I’ll admit, in today’s world of perfectly styled Pinterest rooms, it can be kind of intimidating to share any sort of home photos publicly. My apartment is not perfect nor is it decorated exactly how I’d like. I’m also not a professional photographer nor do I have the lighting equipment to make our apartment look like some sort of magazine spread. But you know what? I really like my apartment a lot! Plus, I have posted photos on my blog of every place we’ve lived
since moving to South Carolina in 2010 (which seems like ages ago now!), and it’s been so much fun to have a record to look back on all these different spaces that we’ve called home. And that’s why I really wanted to share these photos!
(I also tried to list the sources of where I got certain things for reference!)
We moved into our apartment on August 10th, and it could not be more different than where we were living previously in Tahoe. We went from super-dated three bedroom, two bath house in the mountains to a 600 sq. ft ultra modern, eco-friendly, one bedroom apartment right in the heart of downtown…and so far we are loving it! However, moving into a much smaller space definitely made getting unpacked and organized quite the challenge! We really had to try to figure out how to utilize the space as efficiently as possible, and that took some time. Because the apartment was such a blank slate, I was really eager to decorate it and make it look all cute ASAP. We only signed a one-year lease for this place though and will most likely be moving somewhere with more space next summer, so we didn’t necessarily want to invest a lot into decor that’s likely only going to be temporary. So slowly but surely over the past few months, we’ve managed to get things organized in a way that works for us and have made it into a space that Cameron and I are both happy with!
This is what you see when you walk in the front door; when we toured the apartment, Cam and I both loved that the entire back wall was windows and that’s what really sold us on it. However, those windows make it a very challenging area to try and photograph! I actually tried to take pictures on two separate days, but the lighting was either too bright or it got dark too fast (*side eye* Daylight Savings Time) so I just had to go with what I got. Also, the lights in the kitchen are really warm, whereas the light coming in from the windows is very cool so it made it tough to get a good photo. 
See what I mean?

Anyway, it’s actually very bright and open when you walk in, but it was kind of hard to convey that in one photo. I tried to take some photos of smaller sections of the apartment, but you get the idea!
 This is the view from standing in front of the windows looking towards the front door.
That tall white bookshelf to the left off the room is from Ikea; when we moved to Portland, Cam and I both swore that we weren’t going to
buy any more Ikea furniture because we wanted to try to invest in nicer pieces. However, after one week in this apartment
we realized that for a small, modern space like this Ikea was really
what we needed, whether we wanted it or not. They just make pieces that
are perfect for holding a lot stuff and getting organized quickly in an apartment. That bookshelf is giant, it was inexpensive, and it’s been such a lifesaver!
Ok, back to the kitchen! 
Our building is LEED Gold and so they used a lot of eco-friendly building materials, including bamboo cabinets. I really like that they’re modern and light!

The things with the handles are our refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher 🙂
 We do have a decent size pantry, and we bought metal shelves (along with a bunch of baskets at Storeables!) to help keep everything organized. The curtain panels are from Ikea! 
(Which as you’ll see is a common theme for the apartment…)
 Another space saving thing we added were these bars under our cabinets from…you guessed it, Ikea! The bars and hooks are really inexpensive and a great way to add more storage.
 This spoon rest has been with us in four different states and I still love it 🙂
 Our island is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the apartment, mainly because Cam actually built it! We obviously don’t have a ton of counter or storage space, so he built this while we were living at his parents’ house this summer and it fits so perfectly! The wood top is actually from Ikea, and then he bought the wood to build the base at Home Depot. He added hooks under the counter to hang our pots and pans, and then the shelf along the bottom is perfect for storing larger items like our KitchenAid mixer. I know that islands like this can easily go for $400-$500+ so the fact that he was able to just build it was pretty great. I actually took some photos while he was building it and can share a more in-depth post on how he made it if anyone is interested!
 Oh, and the stools (which I love) are from these ones from Overstock.com. They are an awesome deal and literally got here two days after I ordered them. Gotta love online shopping!
Across from the island is my desk, which is where I work each day. I originally wanted to do a gallery wall over my desk, but since we are in an apartment we thought that hanging 20394 frames on the wall probably wasn’t the best idea. I decided to do this clothesline gallery wall instead (thanks Pinterest for that idea!) and it’s really perfect for an apartment because you don’t have to put a bunch of holes in the wall. Plus, I love that you can easily add to it or swap stuff out. What I have hanging on there now is a mixture of things I’ve picked up at little stores here in Portland and things we’ve purchased on vacations. Cam actually built my desk using a wood counter top from Ikea (same type as he used for the island!) and it works great!
 This is my print is my favorite, I got it a great boutique in Portland called Crafty Wonderland 🙂
 We couldn’t resist buying the ever-popular Ikea Expedit to go next to my desk.
Now, onto our little family room area…
When we first moved in, I thought I wanted to decorate the apartment all in shades of gray because I’m obsessed with the color. However, it is fairly gray and cloudy outside a lot in Portland, so we quickly realized we needed some color to brighten things up!
We both really liked the idea of having a map over the couch, and ended up finding this colorful old-school pull-down map of the US at a really interesting store called Cargo here in Portland.
The couch was the one “nicer” thing we bought for the apartment. We ordered it from this furniture store in the Portland-area, and we liked that the couch is actually made here in Oregon!
Cam and I had to compromise somewhat on the pillows–these two were his picks and they’re both from HomeGoods.
The gray one on the left (my pick) is from West Elm, the middle one (Cam’s pick) is from HomeGoods, and the black and white one (my pick) is from Ikea.
I know I posted after we first moved in about how I couldn’t decide which rug to choose for our apartment. Well, I didn’t end up choosing any of the options I posted (ha!) and decided to go with this one from Ikea instead. The price was just too ridiculously good to pass up, plus if Lola pukes on it or I spill red wine on it, I won’t feel bad. Plus, I think it has a similar vibe to this one from West Elm that’s literally 15 times the price! The orange paisley pillow on the chair (my pick) is from HomeGoods, and the coffee table is from Cam’s grandparents house. It’s really old and has had lots of use, but it actually fits really well in the apartment and I think it’s awesome that there is meaning behind it. And my little pumpkins are still going strong in November 🙂
Cam built the bookshelf that’s serving as our TV stand, he really is a talented guy 🙂
This vintage camera also came from his grandparents’ house and I just love it.
Over our TV, we have a little DIY project hanging up that was super easy to make. We just got a pieces of wood from Lowe’s, put in some nails, hung clips on the nails, and then hung up these postcards of all the bridges of Portland. Voila, easy peasy! Plus, I like that we can swap out the postcards down the road if we want.
Cute and colorful 🙂
Next to the family room is the door into our bedroom…
Lola fills her days just sitting and staring out the window…ha!
Seriously, she loves it!
Sweet little city pup 🙂

Our bedroom 🙂

We get a ton of light in our bedroom and our shades do not do much for blocking out the light so I’ve actually been wearing an eye mask at night!

We have a sliding glass door that divides our room from the family room.

Other side of the bedroom: Our random catch all shelf, the black cabinet we purchased from Ikea for our last apartment, our hamper (from Marshalls), and full-length selfie white mirror (Ikea).

Cam repainted his childhood dresser at his parents’ house this summer and it fits perfectly in this spot…and like I said, I am mildly obsessed with gray!

Engagement & wedding photos, along with a ring holder that matches our wedding china 🙂

Closet in our bedroom…that we have to share…yikes. Ha.

We do have a washer and dryer right in our closet, which is super convenient!

Finally, we have the bathroom–the shelves and the magazine rack are from Ikea (obviously) and the baskets are from World Market.

The shower curtain is West Elm, and yes, that’s Lola’s food bowl in the bathroom because there is no other good place to put it in the apartment…ha!

Last but not least, the front door…and all our coats/shoes/shopping bags/keys!

Our windows look out on our little courtyard and the leaves this week have been so pretty!

 But the best part of our apartment is definitely our view of Mt. Hood!
It’s actually one of the main reasons we picked this apartment over another unit in the building on a higher floor, and it’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Granted it’s often cloudy/rainy/overcast outside and we can’t really see the mountain at all…but when we can, it’s SO worth it.

 Our windows face directly east, and so we’ve seen some pretty incredible sunrises!

This was a couple of weeks ago and it was just unreal.

This was another sunrise a few weeks prior…not quite as colorful, but still gorgeous!

 It can get pretty bright inside the apartment in the mornings!

The mountain is gorgeous at sunset too 🙂

 How crazy is this moonrise shot Cam took?! I love it 🙂

I took this right after we moved in, the sky was so clear and blue!

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed seeing where we currently call home in Portland!


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