Remedy Wine Bar + Happy Hour Hot Spots

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I work from home…all day, every day. While I enjoy my job, I definitely miss social interaction and love finding excuses to go out after the work day is done. Since moving to Portland this summer, I have had the pleasure of getting to know some bloggers here and it’s been so great! And what’s even more awesome is that so many of the amazing restaurants here in Portland are very receptive to connecting with the local blogging community, which means that occasionally I have the opportunity to attend fun events. It’s definitely a win win because it means I get out of the house and socialize with other bloggers while also discovering great new places to eat and drink in Portland that I can then turn around and share here on my blog, woo!
I had an opportunity like this earlier this week where I got to go check out Remedy Wine Bar, which is  conveniently located on Portland’s North Park Blocks. They are starting a great new series of events called “Tuesday Night Flights” where they’ll be offering trios of wines centered around a certain theme each Tuesday from 4-10pm. They invited some area bloggers to attend for this week’s “Mighty Malbecs” event, and it was so much fun! Remedy Wine Bar is such an elegant yet welcoming space, and what I really enjoyed about the Tuesday Night Flight event was just how knowledgeable all of the staff were and how eager they were to share stories and information about the wines they were serving. I felt like I got an education about what I was drinking while having a fun night out!

Our group had a little time before the tasting, so I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to start. Remedy has a variety of wines by the glass, along with beer and “lowtails”, which are low-alcohol cocktails.
They brought out a variety of snacks for our group to try including warm olives (not pictured), spiced marcona almonds, and cheezy bits, which are those blurry crackers on the right. Seriously, these cheezy bits are amazeballs. I really don’t know other way to describe them. They are homemade cheddar dough that’s dusted with Rogue Creamery blue cheese powder and so they’re like a Cheez-It, but a million times better. I will be ordering bowls of these in the future because they’re that good!
Tarte Flambe with delicata squash and bacon lardons–yum!
First Malbec of the flight was the 2009 Valle de Uco Tierra Divina Old Vine
We also got a delicious cheese plate to enjoy with our wines 🙂
Our second Malbec was a 2009 Bodegas Azul Reserva
Handing out the final glasses of wine to the group
Finally, we ended with the 2009 Altos las Hormigas Reserva, which was my favorite of the three. I really enjoyed how they paired together three wines that were similar (same year, same region) so that way you could more clearly taste the subtle differences in flavor between each of them.
Chloe (from Little Green Pickle), me, and Omeica (from TalkEatDrinkPortland)
The inside of Remedy is lovely, such a cozy spot to have wine with friends on a rainy Portland evening!
My friend Kelsey (from Ladies in Navy) and I at the end of the night! 
If you’re looking for a great place to relax and have a glass of wine, check out Remedy Wine Bar! They’ve got some really fun Tuesday Night Flights planned…and you can get cheezy bits. Just do it.

I’ve also checked out a few other happy hour spots recently that I thought were worth sharing. I love making plans to meet up with a friend for happy hour because it’s a great excuse to try a new restaurant for a typically reduced cost, compared to ordering a normal dinner. One place that offers a great happy hour is Clyde Common, which is connected to the hipster mecca that is the Ace Hotel. I met fellow Portland blogger Holly (of Little Miss Holls) there last week and I really enjoyed it!
Clyde Common has a lot of communal tables, which could make it a great place for a larger group.
They have $5 cocktails during HH so I tried the BMOC, which was bourbon, raw ginger syrup, Angostura, & soda water. A tasty little cocktail, although it could have been mixed a little better.
I ordered the burger with blue cheese, which was delicious, along with giant plate of fries!
Their happy hour runs from 3-6pm daily and it’s definitely worth trying out!
Clyde Common on Urbanspoon

Last week I also met up with Kelsey for happy hour as well, and we finally tried out Luc Lac! Located downtown, this Vietnamese restaurant is very trendy and I had heard it can have quite the long wait during happy hour. Luckily, we got there early and got right in and I absolutely loved the atmosphere.

At Luc Lac you go up to order at the front register first, and then they seat you after you’ve ordered. I really loved the vibe at this place and wished I would have taken more photos of the restaurant, but I was too busy trying to figure out what I wanted to eat and drink! Whomp whomp.
 They have lots of fun cocktails, and Kelsey and I couldn’t resist trying them out!
Photo of me awkwardly photographing my drink courtesy of Kelsey’s Instagram 🙂
I am a huge fan of spicy drinks, so I ordered the Breakup Sex (all their cocktails had interesting names to add to the hipster vibe I guess, ha!) which featured altos blanco tequila, lime, pineapple thai chili, and campari. It was delicious with a super adorable presentation, despite the ridiculous name. 
The beauty of Luc Lac’s HH is that they offer tons of different $2 plates, so we ended up ordering a bunch of different things. Once you’re seated, there’s a separate register in the back where you can go order more food/drinks so that way you don’t have to wait in line in the front of the restaurant!
I ordered a charbroiled pork skewer, which was delicious
These shrimp fresh spring rolls were so pretty…but super heavy on the mint, which I was not a fan of
Loved the fish sauce wings! 
While this place definitely has a great happy hour and it’s nice to be able to order the cheap small plates, what really looked great where the giant bowls of steaming pho that I saw on other tables. Their normal restaurant prices are pretty reasonable, and they are a place that’s known for staying open super late night on the weekends as well. Moral of the story? Any time is perfect to go to Luc Lac!

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

And I promise, I’ll be finishing up the content for my Portland page soon, that way there will be an organized place to find all these restaurant reviews as I keep eating my way through this amazing city!


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