The Sound of Music, Carrie Style

Happy Friday everyone!
So, who watched The Sound of Music last night?!?
My Facebook feed was blowing.up. last night with people sharing their opinions about it, and so I thought it would be fun to share my feelings as well. 
Let me start by saying I am a huge Sound of Music fan. 
My sister and I watched it countless times growing up (on VHS, where it was divided into two tapes, ha!) and I could literally quote it word for word. The songs are such classics, the scenery in the movie is amazing, and Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer are perfection.  
When Cameron and I went to Austria back in 2010, we even went on a Sound of Music tour. (You can read about it here, but I had just started blogging when I wrote that post, so don’t judge–ha!) It was basically the two of us with a group of retirees, driving through the hills near Salzburg to see the different sights featured in the film, and it was AWESOME. It’s such an iconic, untouchable movie. 
So obviously when you talk about doing a remake of something so beloved, you know going in that you are never going to top the original, or even come close. However, I was actually super excited for this new version! I love Carrie Underwood, and was really interested to see how she’d do in a musical. Also, this wasn’t supposed to be a remake of the movie but rather the original Broadway show, so I was going into it with that expectation. Plus, I thought it was really awesome they were doing it live!
Right now we don’t have cable TV (by choice) and just have our TV set up in the apartment to play movies. I really really wanted to watch SOM last night though, so at 7pm Cam and I rushed out to Costco, bought this antenna, and literally got it plugged in 5 minutes before it started. Whew. 
Like I said, I really like the Sound of Music, ha!
So what did I think?
Overall, I thought that it was pretty good.
It wasn’t the original and it didn’t completely blow me away, but it was good.
Carrie Underwood has a beautiful voice, and I think she seems like a really sweet person.
She is definitely no Julie Andrews, and she is not an actress, that is for sure. 
(Cam compared her acting skills Kristen Stewart…burn.)
However, I think it was a good choice to cast someone with a strong voice as Maria vs. a more well-known actress with a weak singing voice, as that would have been a lot worse.
And all things considered, I really do think she did a good job. After all, she’s pretty ballsy for taking on such an iconic role and doing it live no less. Major props to her for that!
I also liked Steven Moyer a lot more than I thought I was going to as well. 
He’s no Christopher Plummer, but he definitely was able to capture some of his intensity.
I thought the rest of cast was really strong and did a great job in their roles, especially the kids and Audra McDonald (the Reverend Mother). The only person I wasn’t such a fan of was Christian Borle in the role of Uncle Max; I thought he just seemed way too young for that part, and I think they missed an opportunity to cast someone more interesting. Oh well. 
What I did really like was the fact that this was a live musical airing on prime time TV, which is something that hadn’t been done in 50 years. How cool is that?! And sure, you could DVR it or watch it later online. However, this Sound of Music event was really that, an event, and the type of thing that you want to watch live. It really seemed things my parents used to talk about from when they were younger, the way when certain things on came on TV, it was really a big deal. I love musicals, and so I hope that they decide to do more things like this in the future!
What about you–did you watch the Sound of Music last night? What did you think?
Have a good weekend everyone!