Things To Do In Portland: Pittock Mansion

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a weird week and it does not feel like it should be Friday yet…probably because I still have so much to do before we leave for Thailand. In a week.  
Between finalizing our travel plans, packing for the trip (which will inevitably happen the night before), starting finishing Christmas shopping (because I still have lots do and I have not wrapped a single gift yet…eek!), plans with family and friends (which I am definitely not complaining about, I just wish I had more time for everything!), and wrapping up (lots of) loose ends for work, I really don’t know how it’s all going to get done in the next seven days.
But then I remind myself that these first world “problems” are really not that big of a deal in the scheme of things and I just need to CALM THE F*CK DOWN.
Because at the end of the day, what gets done before our trip gets done…and what doesn’t I’ll just have to deal with when we get back. Simple as that. Plus, I’m getting to go on a trip that I’m super excited about so there’s really no need to stress. (Even though I still kind of am. Ha.)
So on that happy note and because it’s Friday, I thought it would be fun to share some photos from a festive activity that Cameron and I did this past weekend…
Pittock Mansion is a historic home located in the West Hills of Portland. At Christmas, they decorate the place beautifully and so it’s a perfect time to go for a visit…which is just what we did!
The house was built in the early 1900’s by the publisher of The Oregonian (the newspaper here in Portland) and his wife and it’s built in a French Renaissance-style (thanks Wikipedia!).
However, what’s really special about Pittock Mansion are the absolutely incredible views of the city of Portland and Mt. Hood that you get from the grounds. When we went this past Sunday, it was a really clear (and cold!) day so you could see the mountain perfectly!
Cameron actually brought me to
see the views here on a similarly clear day when we were visiting Portland a
few years ago, but this weekend was my first time going inside the house.
Inside, things are completely decked out for the holidays!
The music room was one of my favorites, I loved the beautiful harp!
There were gorgeous trees in every single room! What’s cool about the decorations is that they are all done by local volunteers/artisans from the Portland area.
I love peacock feathers, so this tree was one of my favorites!
Even the bathrooms were decorated 🙂
Historical information was also displayed throughout the house as well.
So many of the rooms had really great views of the mountain!
One of the bedrooms featured all Pendleton decorations, which I loved!
Touring Pittock Mansion was such a fun holiday activity that really got me in the Christmas mood. The house is not really that big, so it’s very doable to see it all in just an hour or two…which is kind of nice at this busy time of year! It’s only $10 to get in, so for less than the price of going to the movies you get to see this beautiful home all decorated….and the amazing views are an added bonus!

Definitely put Pittock Mansion on your list this holiday season if you’re in Portland!
Have a great weekend everyone!