Life Lately, Part 2

 {It’s beginning to look a lot like V-day on the streets of Portland}

{Love this pretty church we walked by exploring different neighborhoods last weekend}

 {So glad the Farmers Market is still going strong even though it’s winter!}
 {Lots of great veggies in season right now!}

 {I don’t care if the fad may be old news, Nuvrei’s new macaraon counter is fab}

 {Date night slash adventures in dessert at the adorable Maurice}

 {Oh hai there}

 {Blue skies and sunshine in the Pearl District}
 {Last weekend’s Portland Bloggers Meetup was very motivating!}

 {Some fun beer finds from this weekend}

 {We went here for brunch yesterday and I’d highly recommend it!}

Happy February everyone!

I honestly can’t believe the first month of 2014 is already over. Since getting back from our trip to Thailand, I feel like I’ve sort of been playing catch up with everything. It’s weird because I feel like we’ve been really busy lately…but also not that busy at the same time? It also seems like I’ve somehow had zero time for blogging the past couple of weeks, but I’m hoping to get back into a groove with it again this month because I do miss not posting as often!

I’ve actually only used my camera a handful of times in the past month since getting back from our trip, and it’s been kind of a nice little break. However, I have been blowing up Instagram per usual, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite recent shots. {You can follow me here}

Recently, I was short on time and threw together wrote a little list post full of updates. I personally am a fan of both writing and reading list posts, and so I thought that sharing another one today would be a great way to start off the month.  Here’s what’s been happening around these parts lately:

 +House hunting has somehow gone from being a casual thing we were just talking about to somehow being our top priority in the past few weeks. (Aka Redfin email updates are taking over my life, ha!) The Portland real estate market is cray cray right now and houses seem like they get snapped up as soon as they go on the market (at least in the areas where we’re looking), so we’ve decided we want to go ahead and get more serious about our search now. We found a realtor to work with that we love and already got pre-approved for a mortgage, so we’ll be ready to make an offer whenever we find something. We have spent the past few weekends just driving around checking out different parts of Portland, and we spent all afternoon driving with our realtor yesterday touring houses.

+Yes, we actually skipped watching the Super Bowl to look at houses. That’s how serious we are, ha! Well that, and we aren’t really Seahawks or Broncos fans, plus we figured we could just YouTube any of the good commercials. It seems like the game was pretty much a blowout anyway?

+Part of what’s made looking at houses so fun is the weather lately has been really fantastic. Lots of sunny days and temps have been in the 40’s/50’s, so not too bad for my first January here! Considering that my friends and family in the Midwest have been experiencing a particularly harsh winter, I definitely haven’t been taking it for granted! 
+I am newly obsessed with Sherlock (the BBC show). Cam has been watching it for awhile now online, but I’ve gotten hooked in the past couple of weeks since it comes on after Downton Abbey (which, I’m still enjoying this season but still think it’s not nearly as good now that Matthew is gone). 

+I have been really slacking on reading the since getting back from our trip, so it’s one of my goals I’m really trying to re-focus on in February. I downloaded this book on my Kindle and am super excited to get started on it as I’ve heard so many great things!

+Speaking of goals, I’ve got some pesky items on my to-do list that I’m determined to make happen this month. First up? Making time for the overdue task of going to the DMV and getting my Oregon license! Also on the list? Taking the Christmas cards off my fridge…since it’s February. LOL.

+I made marshmallows this weekend and it was so much fun. Can’t wait to share the recipe later this week because they turned out so well and were much easier than I thought!

+I have been loving the quizzes on Buzzfeed recently, random (and dumb) as they may be. How else would I know what city to live in (I got Portland, duhhh) and what career I should have had (astronaut, apparently) without them?!

+Another blog I’ve really been enjoying lately is Wait But Why. (Yes, that’s the name of the blog, ha!) After discovering this insightful post (that somewhat sadly describes me to a T) I’ve enjoyed quite a few of their other posts as well. This one about how to name a baby is great, and it got me addicted to this site.

The internet is literally full of ways to waste time.
Sometimes, I think the Amish don’t have it so bad.

Let me know what you think of these Life Lately list update posts – I kind of like them, so they may become a regular thing around these parts in the future! Have a great week!