Lucky Number Seven

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
I know that some people think it’s a dumb holiday, but I personally love it! Lots of pink, red, and hearts everywhere, an excuse to eat chocolate, pretty flowers brightening up a February day, a reason to go out to dinner, and a reminder to tell people in your life how much you love them – sounds good to me!

I posted this photo of Cameron and I from 2008 last year but I couldn’t resist sharing it again today.
This year marks actually marks our 7th Valentine’s Day together…crazy!

Valentine’s Day is always a little extra special for us because it’s actually our “dating anniversary.”
We started “hanging out” together at the end of January 2008 and after a couple of weeks, it was clear that it was turning into something more serious. I took Cam to my sorority date party in the beginning of February and then he had asked me to his fraternity date party…which happened to be on Valentine’s Day. (It was called “Cupid’s Hangover”…super classy I know, ha!) Anyway, that picture was taken at the frat house before the date party and it makes me smile thinking back to that time 🙂

(Also, I’m so glad that my college tanning phase was short lived…clearly I should not have been that tan in February in Michigan! It was fun having an excuse to get dressed up and curl my hair though!)

The following night, Cameron came to pick me up at my little college apartment, brought me flowers (pink roses!), and took me out for a really nice dinner date (which is what this photo is from) to celebrate Valentine’s Day just the two of us. (I knew he was a keeper, ha) It was a really lovely evening and I still remember it so clearly, even though it was seven years ago now! (Also, I feel like we look young…but also kind of the same?) That weekend, we had “the talk” aka like what’s going on here, are we boyfriend and girlfriend (yes), but is it Facebook official (LOL), etc…and the rest is history!
While Cameron and I don’t need a holiday to celebrate our love, it is kind of fun to look back each year and reminisce on how much has changed since our very first Valentine’s Day together back in Ann Arbor! I’m looking forward to celebrating tonight and having a relaxing weekend here in Portland. No matter what your plans are today, I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day full of love 🙂

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