Brunch at Broder Nord

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s no secret that Portland is a huge foodie city, and it seems like the favorite meal here is definitely brunch. I personally love going to brunch, but rarely ever do it because I hate waiting and the lines at some of the more popular spots here in Portland can be pretty ridiculous, especially on the weekends (as in 2 hour wait ridiulous…#aintnobodygottimeforthat).  However, a little earlier this year I was finally able to try out a fantastic brunch place that I had heard nothing but raves about – Broder Nord!

The original Cafe Broder (which I have not yet been to) in SE Portland has been popular for awhile, but I guess it’s a pretty small place. Back in November, they opened up this second location, Broder Nord on N. Interstate, and it’s a nice open space that’s right by the river. I had heard that wait times here can be crazy long for brunch, so I decided to check it out while my friend Mike was visiting from out of town over MLK weekend. I had the day off for that holiday Monday (this post is long overdue by the way!) and we only had to wait a few minutes for a table.
There is a great view of the Fremont Bridge from the entrance
The space is really cute and very “Portland-y” aka my adjective to describe anywhere that has sort of a hipster modern vintage industrial decor, which I really love!
The menu at Broder Nord is Swedish-inspired cuisine that uses a lot of local ingredients. 
I really liked that it’s somewhat different than your typical brunch place, and I actually had a hard time deciding what to order because it all sounded so delicious!
Mike ordered one of the baked egg scrambles with northwest salmon, preserved lemon, pickled shallots and fresh dill, and it came with a side of potato salad. I tried some and it was really good! Also, the portion was pretty generous and I think you could definitely split one between two people.
I actually ordered one of the daily specials, the Lefse, which is a norwegian potato crepe, that came filled with apple, pork belly, and farmer’s cheese and was topped with an egg and some arugula salad. It was seriously SO good and all the flavors went together really well.
Finally, we also split and order of Aebleskivers, or Danish pancakes, as I had heard that they were the menu’s must order item. They are almost like a mixture of a donut and a pancake and they are absolutely delicious! They come with two sides for dipping, so we got the housemade lemon curd and lingonberry jam, which were both really tasty. Definitely get an order of these, they’re really tasty!
Broder Nord serves brunch everyday from 9am-3pm so I’d highly suggest checking this place out if you haven’t already! I am looking forward to going back again soon – maybe this weekend!
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