Monthly Favorites // March

Happy Monday everyone! 
I can’t believe this is the last day of March, I feel like this year is flying by!
You may have noticed that I’ve been doing things a little differently around these parts lately and have been including categories in with my post titles. I personally am drawn to blogs that are somewhat organized and have some reoccurring posts/regular features, and so I’ve decided that I want to incorporate a little more structure into my own posts moving forward. I’ve been trying to focus my content on some of the labels from my sidebar and then have been including the category in the title itself. It’s still a work in progress though, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts! 
(Although I do realize that it probably doesn’t make that big of a difference to anyone but me, ha!)
However, one regular feature that I’d like to introduce moving forward is sharing my Monthly Favorites! I see a ton of bloggers (and beauty gurus on YouTube) doing these types of posts and I think they’re so much fun. I’m not planning on sticking to any particular format right, it’s just going to be a list of some of my favorite things from the past month! Because I’ve been doing a quite a few beauty posts lately (and I have a bunch more beauty-related posts planned for the next few weeks!), I’m not going to be including any makeup into today’s favorites list, however, that will likely change for future posts.

Alright, so let’s jump into it!
If you follow me on Instagram, the first thing on my list should be no surprise…

Portland’s Cherry Blossoms
For much of March, Portland has had such gorgeous spring weather! I know I already posted about it once, but I can’t help myself! (However, the past week or so hasn’t been quite as nice and it’s been really rainy…oh well!) Although there are flowering trees of various types blooming all over town, the beautiful cherry blossoms lining the river down at the waterfront park are particularly impressive. Last Monday, the weather was nice and sunny with temps in the 70’s, and so I decided to walk down to the water to snap a few a few photos. There were tons of people out enjoying the weather, and it was just an awesome afternoon! I took a ton of pictures and couldn’t narrow down which ones to share…so prepare for cherry blossom overload…sorry, not sorry 🙂

The cherry blossom petals were falling from the trees like snow as I was taking pictures 🙂

All the of the beautiful blooming trees from across the river!

Pictures seriously don’t do it justice! Like I said, I’m a little obsessed…ha!
Ok, on to the rest of the list of my other favorites from the past month…

Ok, so I realize that I’m WAY late to the party on these, but now I see what all the fuss is about! There is something so fun about the rounded shape, and I have been reaching for it constantly this month!
Speaking of being behind the times, my sister has been telling me to listen to HAIM for years now and I always thought they were just OK. But ever since I they have been playing their song on the new Target commercials, I’ve been in the mood to listen to their Pandora station. It’s perfect music for getting ready in the morning, during the day when I’m working, or when I’m just hanging out at night and I’ve discovered some fun new artists on the station as well!

Dang Coconut Chips
These things are so good and one of my favorite after dinner/road trip snacks. I was obsessed with the Trader Joe’s Coconut Chips (and I still do like them) but I think I might actually like the Dang ones even better. The regular flavor and the caramel sea salt flavor are both really good, and they’re actually pretty healthy for you compared to some other snack options!

I’m so glad this show is back on, it’s so much fun to watch! It really blows me away how talented people are and I still love the banter between the coaches. Also, I love Ursher 🙂 (GIF Source)
It has been pretty rainy in Portland lately, and so I’ve been getting lots of use out of this black rain coat. It’s not the most stylish thing you’ve ever seen mainly because it’s just a basic black coat, but it’s just really awesome at keeping you dry when you’re walking around in the rain! I like that it’s not super sporty looking and so it looks a little bit cuter than some other rain jackets out there, making it great for travel because you can definitely dress it up a little more. It’s very flattering on, seems to be well-made, and I like that the front pockets have zippers, that way I can put my wallet in one and my keys/phone in the other if I want to walk somewhere in the rain without lugging a purse with me. It’s just an all-around great rain coat for the price and I’m getting a ton of use out of it!
I finally broke down and ordered some business cards for my blog, and I ended up going with these adorable little baby cards instead of traditional business cards and I love them! I have my blog name/logo on one side and my photo/contact info on the other and they’re just perfect for what I need. I feel like the small size and the cute rounded corners say that I’m not taking my blog too seriously, but yet the fact that I have cards in the first place says I’m still taking it kind of seriously? Hopefully that makes sense…ha. Anyway, they’re awesome and I’d totally recommend them!
So yes, I realize it’s really random that I’m posting about what kind of deodorant I’m wearing these days but whatevs. I normally wear the Vanilla scent of Secret deodorant but then the other day I was on the way to meet a friend and realized I had forgot to put on deodorant before I left the house. Gross. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this? Ha!) Luckily I realized this right when I was walking by CityTarget (our little baby downtown Target here in Portland) and so I ran in to buy some deodorant because it was kind of hot out and I didn’t want to be disgusting. I happened to see these new Secret “Destinations” scents, and decided to get the Paris one, of course. It has a really strong rose scent, and I actually love it! (Also, I feel like the French do put rosewater in everything so it’s fitting that this would be the scent for Paris) My only warning is don’t buy it if strong smells bother you, because it’s kind of intense. I love the way it smells personally, but I did wear it to yoga the other day and after a few down dogs the scent did kind of start to make me feel like a little sick. But for a normal day, it’s really pretty. Ok, enough about my deodorant now. Ha.
I am a big fan of Katy Perry; I love her music and her overall creativity and inventiveness. Her music videos are always really over the top, but I am obsessed with her video for “Dark Horse.” I have been listening to the song non-stop this month, but what I really love about the video is her makeup! She has a bunch of really colorful Cleopatra-esque eye looks and I think that overall her makeup just looks so awesome. Granted it’s not the type of things you’d wear in real life, but that’s what I like about it! (And I also really like that it’s completely different from the more romantic makeup looks she had in her last video)
(Also, I’m not being paid to talk about any of these products – they’re just things I’m genuinely loving this month!)
So there you have, a few of my favorite things from the past month!
I’m planning on doing another one of these “Monthly Favorites” posts again on April 30th – would anyone be interested if I made it a link-up? I have never hosted a link-up before, but if it’s something that people would be up for doing, I think it could be kind of fun! If you’d be interested in participating, leave a comment and let me know!