PDX // Spring Has Sprung

Happy Friday everyone!
Ok, so this post is PACKED with lots of spring goodness that I’m SO excited to share!
(So I’m warning you now, it’s kind of a long one with lots of pictures!)
First things first, I  finally updated the Portland page on my nav bar! I’ve been meaning to do this for literally months, but just haven’t had a chance. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but I’m happy I’ve at least got things started. My idea is to make the page a resource that lists my favorite restaurants and things to do in Portland. I will be linking all my Portland restaurant reviews there, but I’ll also be including links to places I love but may have never blogged about. I’m hoping that it will be helpful to both local Portland readers of my blog along with people who may be coming for a visit. I’ll be continually updating this page over time, so let me know if there is anything you’d like to see added!
Yesterday was the first official day of spring, but we’ve had some beautiful weather the past few weeks here in Portland! Granted there have been rainy days too, but things are in blooming and we’ve had plenty of sunshine as well! I’ve been trying to get out and enjoy it as much as I possibly can, and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos around town.
 Walking down by the river at the Waterfront Park
 I was only able to snap a shot of the cherry blossoms down by the water on Instagram, but they are absolutely gorgeous right now! It seems like trees are blooming on every street right now!
Oh ya know, just taking photos of random peoples houses while house hunting 🙂
Last Saturday was the first farmer’s market of the season at Portland State and I had to go check it out! While there aren’t as many things in season yet compared to the summer and fall, it was still fun to walk around. It was definitely busy and everyone seemed excited it’s back!
 My camera freaked out a little with all this vibrant yellow, but you get the idea 🙂 
Daffodils are so happy!
 Because there isn’t a ton of produce in season, there were lots of things like jam, honey, and sauces.
 The Portland Farmer’s Market is the best people watching ever 🙂
 It seems like everyone in Portland is excited about spring, which is why I was SO pumped to attend a really fantastic event earlier this week – A Spark of Spring on Friendsday night hosted by IZZE!

The event was held at Eastside Exchange Building which I had never been to before, so I had no idea what to expect. Everything was so cute and floral when we got inside the lobby, that I knew right away it was going to be a fun night. Before we took the elevators up to the rooftop, we were given a shot of a delicious concoction made with peach IZZE for the ride up.

 When we got up to the roof, I was blown away how incredible the space was! 
The rooftop had an amazing view of Portland and the sparkle of the city lights outside beautifully complimented the adorable lights strung up everywhere inside the tent. There were so many gorgeous flowers everywhere which only further enhanced the spring vibe!
I love going to events where there are other bloggers because I don’t feel awkward taking photos 🙂
 Kyle Linden Webster of Expatriate was on hand mixing up the the specialty cocktails he created for the event which all featured different flavors of IZZE sparkling juice. To be honest, I had never really tried IZZE before the event, but these cocktails were all amazing and really showcased the great flavors like sparkling grapefruit and clementine.
 I had the Oran Spritzer cocktail which featured tequila and clementine IZZE – it was delicious!
The Granada cocktail, which featured rum and pomegranate IZZE, was another yummy option
I had a great time hanging out at the event with some of my favorite Portland bloggers (from left to right) – Erin from Bakery Bingo, Rachel from Love, Rachel, Sara from Salt.Water.Coffee., and Michelle from Hummingbird High – I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months and so it’s fun when we all end up at the same event! (Also this photo is courtesy of Little Green Pickle’s Instagram, just FYI!)
The menu for the event was created by the acclaimed Naomi Pomeroy (she’s the chef at Beast, which is a pretty big deal in Portland, and she was on Top Chef!) so we knew we were in store for some awesome food! She actually used the IZZE sparkling juices in the creation of the dishes, which I thought was really awesome!
Everyone got to add herb sauce and candied hazelnuts to their carrot soup…
 Ta-da! This soup was incredible, and the toppings gave it so much flavor.
 Naomi also gave a cooking demo on how she made the BBQ sauce using pomegranate IZZE
 We had a bunch of family style dishes, but my favorite was the Carlton Farms pork ribs – mmm!
 The vegetarian dish – Broccoli rabe & Maitake mushrooms along with Fregola & currants
 Naomi plating up dessert!
 This blackberry trifle cake was SO good.
 Everything about the event was really adorable, including this DIY candle station where you could make a candle in a recycled IZZE bottle.
 For the night’s entertainment, Fort Atlantic played – I had never heard of them, but they were good!

It was definitely one of the BEST events I’ve attended since moving to Portland and it was the perfect way to get in the mood for spring! Everyone who I met at the event from IZZE was awesome and it definitely gave me a very positive impression of the brand!
Another thing that happened this week is that Portland Fashion Week announced the members of their Style Collective for Spring 2014 and it just so happens that yours truly is among them! Although my blog is not a fashion blog per se, I absolutely LOVE fashion and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this event! It takes place April 25th-27th and you can read more about it here. I’ll definitely be sharing more details on the blog and on social media in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that!
And last but not least, today I’m sharing some thoughts on our Thailand trip over at my friend (and fellow Portland blogger!) Casey’s blog so be sure to go check that out!
Ok, I know that was the longest post ever! I am just so pumped about spring that I couldn’t resist sharing all of this stuff at once. I am so excited for more beautiful spring days here in Portland! 
That’s all for me today, we’re off to Bend for the weekend!