Travel Tuesday // May Trips

I realized the other day that April may be the first month in a long time that Cameron and I haven’t traveled anywhere! (Well, he’s traveled for work, but I mean taken a trip for fun!) Whether it’s flying to the other side of the world or taking a weekend trip to somewhere a few hours away, Cameron and I generally like to go out of town on a pretty regular basis. And while it has been great to be in Portland these past few weeks, we have a couple of trips coming up in May that I’m really looking forward to!

Next month, we’re heading to Zion National Park!
We really enjoy visiting our country’s National Parks and have been fortunate to visit a handful of them in the past few years, and so I’m looking forward adding another one to our list! Zion looks absolutely stunning and I’m excited to do some hiking – we’re planning on doing the Angels Landing hike which looks scary, but awesome! We’ll also be camping, so hopefully the weather will be nice!


And then late next month, we’re traveling to Michigan!
They’ve had an absolute brutal winter back in my home state, but I think that (hopefully) we’re in the clear to visit and not have to deal with snow, ha! We haven’t been back since Thanksgiving, so I’m really excited to spend some quality time with friends and family!

Can’t wait to get some travel in next month! What about you? Any trips coming up?