Book Report // Me Before You

Hello, hello! Is it Wednesday already?
You’ll have to bear with me because I feel like I’m playing a little bit of catch up this week! Last week, Cameron had a work conference in Vegas, and so I flew there to meet him on Wednesday night. We both worked Thursday, and then Friday we headed off to Zion National Park to camp for a long weekend! We did lots of hiking, I took a million pictures (that I’ll hopefully have time to share soon!), and we had a great trip! We got back super late on Monday night, and so this week I’m just trying to get caught up on work, life…oh, and unpacking in our new house!
So while things might be busy now that we’re back, one of the (many) nice things about this weekend’s trip was that I had a lot of down time to read, both in the car on the way to and from Vegas to Zion, as well as around the campfire and in the tent at night. I ended up reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, as a few friends had recommended it to me and I had heard a lot of good things about the book. Compared to another book I recently finished, Me Before You is a really quick read. The characters are well-developed and likable, and it’s what really kept me engaged from beginning to end. The story also takes place in England, and I find I typically tend to enjoy fiction with a British twist. However, be warned that the subject matter in this book is heavy. 

The story revolves around Louisa Clark, an ordinary twenty something girl (or I guess I should say woman? But that just sounds weird…I digress) who ends up taking a job as a caretaker for a wealthy young man who is a severe quadriplegic. He would really like to choose to end his life because he’s in a lot of constant suffering and pain, however, his family and, as the story progresses, Louisa, really want him to change his mind. The book makes you think a lot about something that is a somewhat complicated and complex moral issue, and I feel like it’s hard not to put yourself in the characters’ shoes and wonder what you would do if you or a loved one were in the same situation. But despite being a somewhat depressing topic, the book is still a really enjoyable read. I feel like it’s a little bit more serious and smart than your typical chick lit novel, but it’s still an engaging read that would be perfect for a day by the pool. When I started the book, I had somewhat of an idea of how the story would end up working out, however, things turned out differently than I anticipated. I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but all I’ll say is that Me Before You is a book I’d definitely recommend adding to your summer reading list!

Ok, that’s all for me today! Hopefully I’ll have some pictures from Zion to share soon!