Bryce Canyon National Park // Snow Day

Happy Friday everyone!

I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to blogging these past few weeks, which is a little frustrating, but it’s also good because my time has been taken up by other exciting things like getting together with friends and getting settled into our new house. We actually traveled to Michigan earlier this week, and are looking forward to celebrating Memorial Day weekend with family!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few more pictures from our recent camping trip. Sorry if you’re getting sick of all the national park photos lately, but they are just too pretty not to post. As you may have read, we traveled to Zion National Park earlier this month to go camping and on Saturday while we were there, we had nice sunny weather and did a great hike! The next day, we decided to drive further northeast up to Bryce Canyon National Park as we’d had multiple friends tell us that they liked it even better than Zion. However, we weren’t expecting this:


Unfortunately a storm had blown in bringing snow and cooler weather, plus Bryce Canyon is at a much higher elevation than Zion and so there was it was just much, much colder. Driving through the Dixie National Forest on the way there though was really beautiful!

We had initially hoped to do some hiking in Bryce Canyon, however, once we got to the park we realized that wasn’t going to be an option. Due to the weather, some of the roads were closed and the temperature was right around 30 degrees – definitely colder than the 90 degree temperatures we had experienced the day before! We ended up just driving through the park, stopping at a few different overlook points to take photos, and then running back to the car to warm up. And although it was kind of a bummer that we weren’t able to hike, it was kind of neat to see things covered in snow!

 In addition to being cold, it was a little windy as well. Ha.


 Also, my apologies for the annoying amount of selfies in this post – with the awful weather, there weren’t many people around and so we had to just make do if we wanted a picture together, ha!

Thank goodness Cam found this fleece hat in his suitcase – it really came in handy for me!

I’m sure the views are much better on a sunny day, but it was still pretty even though it was overcast!

I was trying to be excited even though I was freezing, haha 🙂

The rock formations were really incredible!
We love a good selfie haha 🙂
The canyon looks much more vibrant in this photo for some reason, which is more true to how it was in person – the colors are stunning!
And because we felt didn’t take quite enough pictures (yeah right!), we finally found someone to take one of us together before we left…whew 🙂

Bryce Canyon is a really beautiful place, and I’m so glad we got to see it…even if it was only for a short time and the conditions weren’t ideal. I’m sure it would be even more incredible on a nice day, and a lot of the hiking trails looked awesome. It’s close enough to Zion that you can easily make it to both parks in a weekend, and it’s definitely a place worth visiting!
Have a fantastic holiday weekend everyone!