Family // Spring Visit to Portland + Our Move

Last week, my parents came to visit from Michigan and my sister came to visit from NYC! It was a busy week, but we had a lot of fun and so I wanted to share a few photos from their trip. 
This post is a mix of photos from my actual camera, my parents’ cell phone cameras, and Instagram, just FYI πŸ™‚

The first few days my parents were in town, I actually had to work and so they had to explore Portland on their own. They had gorgeous weather though, so they did stuff like go to the Chinese Gardens during the day and then we’d meet up for dinner.
Having a pizza dinner at Dove Vivi – this place is so good! 
They also got to be there when we went over to our house for the first time after we got the keys πŸ™‚
Wednesday night my sister got into town from New York, and so I took Thursday and Friday off of work. Thursday it was a record-breaking hot day in Portland and temps got up to 90 degrees! 
I spent the day showing my family around the city, but man, it was hot!
We had to stop at one of my favorite breweries, Cascade Barrel House, so they could try their sour beers. There is really nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a good sour beer!
We ended up driving up to Pittock Mansion to check out the views, and it was a perfect day for it!
And even though it was busy, we still braved the crowds at Salt & Straw!
Thursday night, we had the chance to attend the soft opening/preview night at Fogo De Chao, a new Brazilian Steakhouse that just opened in downtown Portland. I’ll have more details on our experience tomorrow because we had an awesome time and really enjoyed the food!
I don’t know what was going on here, but apparently it was funny…
Lola really appreciated having the extra people in town to give her attention πŸ™‚
Friday was the day that we said goodbye to our apartment and officially moved into our house!
I’ve had some people ask me about which building we lived in and I wasn’t necessarily comfortable divulging that information while we still lived in the apartment. But now that we’ve moved I figured I’d share a little bit more about it!
We lived in the Cyan/PDX building, which is located at 4th and Mill, so right near PSU. It’s a modern, LEED certified building, and overall, we really liked it! It’s super convenient to the Farmer’s Market, it’s easy to walk to downtown/the Pearl, and there’s also a streetcar and a MAX stop right in front of the building. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an apartment in Portland! 
My dad, Cam, and his dad did most of the heavy lifting on Friday and got everything over to the house.
I will definitely post some more photos of the inside of the house once there aren’t boxes everywhere, but for now, this gives you a sneak peak of what the dining room looks like. We really like the charm and character of the house and love the original wood floors!
My sister was so excited that her trip just happened to be at the same time we were moving…
…this is a more accurate depiction of how she felt. Man, this picture CRACKS ME UP. 
Looking a little like sweaty messes as we slowly but surely moved things in!
The guys taking the final loads of stuff out of the apartment!
Getting a few last pictures in the empty apartment πŸ™‚
Cam contemplating life while taking apart our bed frame…ha.
We are definitely going to miss the amazing views of Mt. Hood that we had in this apartment! πŸ™
Friday was my dad’s birthday and so after spending the entire day moving, we went out for a nice dinner at Nostrana to celebrate. It was my first time eating there, and I absolutely loved it!
Relaxing back at the house in between all the boxes after my dad’s birthday dinner…and Lola not knowing what the heck is going on, as usual. 
Saturday, we headed out to the Oregon Coast to meet up with Cam’s family, but unfortunately the weather was less than cooperative. It was super windy and rainy, and so we didn’t really end up taking any photos at the beach beyond this one from my dad’s phone of some of us standing on the beach, and this one from my Instagram. 
Don’t get me wrong, the Oregon Coast is beautiful no matter what the weather, but I have to say that it’s definitely better on days like this. Or this. Oh well!
We did stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way home though, which is always a fun πŸ™‚
For my dad’s birthday, we got tickets to go see the Portland Winterhawks play in the WHL Championship against the Edmonton Oil Kings. My dad is a big hockey fan, so he really enjoyed it and actually, we all ended up having a lot more fun than we anticipated.
 Sunday, we walked to brunch and then spent some time letting Lola enjoy her new backyard.

The grass needs to be mowed and the yard needs work…but we’re excited Lola has a place to play!

She’s still learning the house rules…like you have to have your paws wiped before going inside!

My parents left Sunday afternoon, and so I had some time to hang out with my sister before her flight left on Sunday night. We did some shopping and then hit up Sen Yai for dinner before taking her to the airport. Whenever my family visits, it seems like the time always goes way too fast! But I’m so glad they got to come visit and were able to be here to help us move into our new house!