We Bought a House!

It’s official – Cameron and I are homeowners!
While it’s still a little bit very surreal to me, I’m excited to finally share the news with all of you!
If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few months, you may remember me mentioning it before, but let me get you up to speed…

Cameron and I knew we wanted to buy a house this year, so we decided to start casually looking in January to figure out where we might like to buy, but we weren’t really planning on seriously looking until the spring. However, once we started checking out houses, we realized just how crazy the market is here in Portland and so we decided to get more serious about our search since we realized it could potentially take much longer than we thought. We found a pair of realtors to work with (more on that in a minute) and started looking at houses…and we looked at a lot! We knew we wanted to stay in Portland vs. moving out to the suburbs, however, we weren’t sure which neighborhood we wanted to be in and so we spent the past few months trying to narrow it down. It’s definitely a seller’s market here right now…which is not so great if you’re trying to buy your first house. Homes that go on the market here in Portland are going really quickly (as in like 1-2 days quickly), are typically getting multiple offers, and are consistently selling well over the asking price. We actually put offers on three other places that we didn’t end up getting during February/March, and we were beginning to feel a little frustrated with the whole process.

However, at the end of March we went to see a house that had just gone on the market, and wound up really loving it. We decided to put in an offer, but didn’t want to get our hopes up. On March 31st, our realtor called to say we got the house – woo! But at that point, I decided I didn’t want to jinx anything, and so I chose not to say anything on the blog/social media about it until we were sure it was a done deal. The sellers wanted to close before the end of April, and so I’ve just been sitting on this secret for the past month. It feels so nice to finally be able to share it! 🙂

We signed all the paperwork on Monday, definitely a weird feeling!
(And our realtor knows how much I love social media so luckily he snapped a pic for me!)

After signing all the paperwork, we headed over to the house to do one final walk through…and of course take some pictures in front of the house with the SOLD sign!
I had to get a picture of Cam with our realtors, Harry and Chase of Martin & Moore. They have been AWESOME throughout this whole process and we honestly could not have done it without them! They were super on top of everything, extremely responsive, and one of them was always available whenever we needed anything or wanted to see a house. They’re really knowledgeable but also fun to be around, and they helped us enjoy what is somewhat of a stressful process. If you’re looking for a realtor in Portland, I’d highly recommend them!

We really love the house and it fits our needs perfectly. It was built in the 1920’s and has the charm and character we were looking for. There’s a nice backyard for Lola and so much more space than our current apartment! Although there are definitely some things we’d like to do to the house over time, it’s nice because it has been updated and is move-in ready. It’s in Southeast Portland, and I’m really excited to get to know this part of the city better. I can’t wait to make the house our own, and so look forward to more home decor/DIY posts in the months to come!

Here in Oregon, you don’t get the keys at closing, instead you get them a few days after all the documents are filed. We got the keys last night, and it was really exciting (slash crazy) to go back to the house knowing that we own it now. Ahhh…I guess that really makes us adults now, huh?

Our realtors left us a bottle of wine which was sweet of them 🙂

We are moving into the house tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited! My parents are actually visiting from Michigan right now, and my sister flew in from NYC last night. They all had their trip planned before we knew about the house, and so it’s really awesome timing to have them here for this! My dad’s birthday is tomorrow (Happy early Birthday Dad!) and so I’m looking forward to a weekend full of celebrating with family and enjoying our new house!

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