First Trimester // Favorites

First Trimester Favorites

Sorry for the overdose of pregnancy-related posts the last few days, but I just had one more thing I wanted to share before I return to our regularly scheduled programming 🙂

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I (thankfully) had a pretty easy first trimester and didn’t really suffer with a lot of morning sickness or other unpleasant symptoms. However, there are definitely a few things that were helpful during that first phase of pregnancy, so I thought I’d share!

1. Lemonade 
I have been drinking this a lot over the past few months, and I anticipate it will only continue through the summer! I usually buy Hubert’s or the Santa Cruz Organics brands, and then here in Portland, the Wolf and Bear’s food cart has an awesome lemonade that has a little bit of mint – yum!

2. Drawstring Shorts
I bought two pairs of these drawstring linen shorts at Forever 21 before I knew I was pregnant, and I’ve been getting a ton of use out of them so far! I’m not at a point to actually need maternity clothes yet, so these are perfect for that awkward in-between stage and I think I’ll be able to wear them for awhile. They’re sold out online, but definitely check the store because they’re so comfy! (And cheap!)

3. Prenatal Vitamins
I started taking prenatals back in January at the recommendation of my regular doctor as she said it’s a good idea to start taking them a few months before you try to get pregnant. I think that doing this actually contributed to my lack of morning sickness, as my body was already used to the vitamins because I know that they tend to make some people gag. I started out taking these Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamins, but then decided to switch over to the Perfect Prenatals from New Chapter Organics. I liked the New Chapter ones, but you are supposed to take them three times a day and I found myself starting to get a little lax on that last month….and so I decided to switch back to the Rainbow Light ones instead since they are once a day 🙂 But I really like them both!

4. eos Lip Balm
I have found my self reaching for my lip balm more frequently since getting pregnant and I am still loving the Sweet Mint Smooth Sphere from eos – I just think it’s so fun!

5. Salt Bagels
I used to love salt bagels when I was a kid, and ironically, this has been my one consistent craving throughout the first trimester. Here in Portland, I love both Bowery Bagels and Spielman Bagels 🙂

6. The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth
So I haven’t really delved into reading a bunch of books yet, but I was given this book by a dear friend and have read a significant chunk of it so far. It’s pretty intense, opinionated, and I feel like it’s probably not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I feel like the main objective is to make a case for why midwifery often creates a better outcome for birth than a traditional OB, and so if you were trying to decide which route to go, I think this book presents some really awesome information. But for me, I had already decided long before I read this book that I wanted to use a midwife because their overall philosophy really resonates with me and aligns more closely with my own personal views on medical care. So in a way, I feel like this book is kind of preaching to the choir in my case? Plus, some of the chapters aren’t necessarily applicable for me (VBACs, etc.) but overall the information is very interesting, and I’m sure I’ll reference it later on in my pregnancy as the actual birth gets closer. Also, I know people can get really sensitive when it comes to this stuff, but I do know tons of people that have had great experiences with OBs took, and so to each their own! But if you’re curious about other options or want to know more about midwifery, then I think this book is worth checking out!

7. Travel Blanket
I’ve noticed that I seem to get cold super easily now that I’m pregnant. When Cam and I recently had a flight delay in an airport where the air conditioning was blasting, he ended up just buying me a fleece travel blanket and it was such a lifesaver! I’ve been tossing it in my carry-on wherever we go.

8. Babycenter My Pregnancy Today App
The was a free app I downloaded to track my progress, and so far I like it! It’s fun to keep tabs on all the various changes taking place each week!

9. Lululemon ‘No Limits’ Tanks
These tanks were a favorite of mine before getting pregnant, but they’ve gotten a ton of use over the past few months as well! They’re really soft, the attached bra provides good support (for me at least), and they’re not clingy around your stomach like some workout shirts, which is really nice.

So now I want to hear from all you mamas out there!
What do I need for the rest of my pregnancy?!
From what I’ve heard, some popular items seem to be body pillows, those belly bands so you can keep wearing your normal pants, lotions/creams to prevent stretch marks, and then all sorts of books. I haven’t bought any of those things yet, so I’d be really curious to know what things you felt like you couldn’t live without during your pregnancy. Any/all suggestions would be appreciated!


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