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Over a month ago, I had the opportunity to attend Portland Fashion Week! I’ve been meaning to post some photos for awhile now, but then this and this and this happened and I haven’t had the time. However, since it’s already June, I figured it’s about time I share a little bit more about my experience!

I was selected to be a part of the Style Collective for Portland Fashion Week, which was basically a group of local bloggers that they picked to participate in events and sit in the front row of the shows for all three nights. I don’t really consider myself a “fashion blogger” (by any stretch of the imagination!) and honestly, I applied to be part of the Style Collective on a whim. However, I do really enjoy fashion and seriously admire the creativity and talent of people who can design clothing, and so was very flattered to be selected to participate this year!

 The show actually took place over three nights (April 25-27) and each
night showcased different designers/collections. There were also various pop-up shops (pictured above) to browse before the shows got underway each night. Friday night, I brought
my friend Katie with me to see the show; it was definitely the shortest of the
three nights, but it was still a lot of fun!

 Revolution Couture
This was collection from a Native American designer that featured all Native American models

All the models after the show

O’Pearl Brands was actually showcasing their beautiful jewelry!

The show closed with collection from UnderU4Men…pretty self explanatory 🙂

Saturday was the biggest night of the show, and I brought Cameron with me (much to his dismay) to enjoy all the fun. There were a very wide range of fashions featured including everything from bridal to menswear to designs that were a little more experimental and out of the box 🙂
(You can see a complete list of designers here)

Sunday night, I actually went by myself but I think it was my favorite night of the three! 
It showcased student designers from the Art Institute of Portland and I was extremely impressed by their design skills and amazing creativity!

 Each of the students named their collection, and I loved that this particular student designer named hers after an ornamental breed of chicken – only in Portland!

 It was actually really cool because all her designs were black and white, and this leather dress totally reminded me of feathers so the name worked 🙂

This was another collection that I feel like you’d only see in Oregon 🙂

Overall, PFW was a really fun experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate.
I think it really exemplifies what I love about Portland – it’s a big enough city to have a legit fashion week (it’s actually the 3rd longest running fashion week in the US after NYC and LA)…but it’s still small enough to let someone like me sit in the front row 🙂


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