Pure Michigan // Memorial Day Recap

Hello, hello and happy Monday!
I am finally back home in Portland after my extended trip in Michigan! 
Although it was really great seeing family and friends, I am definitely glad to be back. I wanted share some photos from my trip, but realized when I was putting this post together that I really didn’t pull out my camera much at all while I was there. Granted, there are quite a few photos in this post, but they’re basically all from two events – my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and wedding. We had plenty of other times of getting together with both family and friends while we were there though, however, I was more focused on trying to enjoy my time visiting with people vs. documenting it. 
(Plus, I think I was a little photo-ed out after our recent camping trip!) 
Anyway, my cousin Olivia’s wedding was the reason for our trip back to Michigan, and we had a lot of fun at both her rehearsal dinner and at the wedding. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…
At the rehearsal dinner on Saturday night…
My sister and her fiance made the trip from NYC, so it was fun that we were all home for the weekend
Cousins (+ my cousin Kayla’s bf)
This was obviously a little later on in the night…LOL
 All these pictures of Cam and Luke crack me up…
Cam was trying to make him laugh but he just looks really pissed haha 🙂
 He did end up getting a few smiles out of him 🙂
Fun night to celebrate the happy couple!
The wedding was on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and it ended up being a gorgeous day!
They had it at a hotel here in Michigan, and the ceremony was in their beautiful conservatory

 Grandma and Grandpa waiting for the ceremony to start
 Taking some photos during the cocktail hour…
 Their wedding decor was really pretty – lots of pink and gold and sparkles!
 First dance
 Me and the MOH, my cousin Kayla 🙂
 Kayla’s bf and Cam were both in the same fraternity (at different schools though) – small world!
 Cam and my cousin Austin
 My cousin Olivia loves all things Disney so it was no surprise that she had a princess dress 🙂
 Cousins 🙂
Sisters with my Grandma
 My sister’s fiance, Ben, is one of my most loyal blog readers – these photos are for you Ben! LOL. 
Melissa and I with Olivia’s cousin, Lauren, from her Dad’s side of the family
Olivia and Jake had Luke dressed in a little tuxedo – it was pretty cute 🙂
 Obviously everyone had to get photos with the man of the hour…
 Haha 🙂
The wedding was a lot of fun and I’m really glad we could be there!
The only other pictures I took during the weekend were a few out in my parents driveway before Cam headed back to the airport on Memorial Day…it was a gorgeous day!

Another great trip to Michigan on the books!
Looking forward to visiting again soon 🙂