#TBT // Anniversary Edition

Tomorrow, Cameron and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary!

Five years sounds like a really long time to me, and this week, it’s been great to reflect on just how much has changed since 2009. Since it’s Thursday (aka the day everyone loves to post throwback photos on Instagram), I thought it would be fun to share a few photos from anniversaries past!

But first, I thought I’d start by sharing a few photos from what we were doing five years ago today – having our rehearsal dinner with my family and Cam’s family in Michigan! We did a rehearsal at the church, and then we had a really lovely dinner at The Earle in downtown Ann Arbor, MI. I can still remember that evening really well, and that point of letting all the stress of last minute wedding to-do lists go because everything was done and we were just excited to get married the next day!

Five years ago today! 6/5/09

Practicing the ceremony…

Some of my family after the rehearsal

Me and my bridesmaids – my cousin Olivia used to really love the tanning bed 😉

Outside the church, heading to dinner 🙂

Enjoying our rehearsal dinner!

My parents

Cam’s parents

Our niece Alexa was so little at our wedding and now she’s six – crazy!
Oh, and Cam’s brother had a black eye for the wedding…whoops 🙂

My cousins have also changed a lot from these pictures compared to last month in Michigan!

I still have (and love) that dress!

And what would an walk down memory lane on our anniversary week be like without a few wedding photos? I know I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but overall, I wasn’t thrilled with the way our professional wedding photos turned out and in hindsight, I still wish I would have chosen a different photographer. However, I’m discovering that the more time that passes, the more I enjoy looking back on them because I feel like I’m less critical and can just appreciate them for what they are – a representation of a beautiful day and a reminder of just how young we were when we got married! 🙂

Plus, there are some shots that I do like, so here are a few of my favorites…

Peonies have always been my favorite and the great thing about a June wedding is they’re in season!

Fun fact: The bakery actually messed up my cake…ha! The top layer and the third layer down were supposed to be swirls, and the second and bottom layers were supposed to be dots so the patterns alternated…except they mixed up the order. I didn’t even notice the mistake the day of the wedding, but once we got the photos back the OCD part of me was not happy – but five years later, I guess it really doesn’t matter that much 🙂

That last photo wasn’t actually one from the photographer, but just one that my aunt took of us.
For some reason I really like it, but I’m also so glad I don’t go to the tanning bed anymore 🙂

Ok, on to the anniversaries! 

First Anniversary:

This one was pretty epic and I don’t know if it can be topped! 
We were actually in Europe nearing the end of our six-week backpacking adventure (that was actually one of the reasons I started this blog!) and we spent our anniversary in Cinque Terre, Italy. Our hotel room had an amazing view of the water, and we spent the day having lunch by the water, hiking along the water between the five charming coastal towns, and swimming in the Ligurian Sea. 
At night, we took a walk on the famous Via dell’Amore, or the Road of Love, where couples have come for years to put a lock on the railing to symbolize their love. We put on a lock on there for our anniversary, and it was such a cool way to celebrate our first year of marriage

Cinque Terre is definitely one of my favorite places that I’ve ever visited, and we’d love to go back for a future anniversary someday! 🙂 (And to see if our lock is still there!)
Second Anniversary: 
I could not remember for the life of me what we did for our this anniversary…and so I had to look back at my blog to figure it out! We were living in Greenville, SC and we were getting ready to take a trip to Portland/Seattle and then move to Boulder, CO the following month, so things were a little hectic. I did post this wedding recap on our anniversary (not sure why none of the pictures show up now, but I don’t really feel like taking the time to go back and fix it) and according another blog post from later that month, we just made a nice dinner at home. And then for our anniversary gift to each other, we got our DSLR camera which we’ve definitely gotten a ton of use out of in the past three years!

Apparently we didn’t take any pictures on our actual anniversary, but I found this picture from the day before where we were walking around downtown Greenville and I figured that was close enough!

Looking back through my photos, I also found one of our anniversary dinner – (a giant) steak!

I thought I’d throw in one from our trip to Seattle that weekend aka when I was in my side bangs phase! (Also Cam is totally wearing the same shirt here that he was wearing in Cinque Terre – ha!)

Third Anniversary:

We were living in Tahoe at the time, we went out for a nice dinner, and I recapped it all here 🙂 
(Also, apparently I only took Instagram photos that are all super dark…)
Fourth Anniversary: 
I wrote this post for our anniversary last year, and then we actually took a red-eye flight to Michigan on the night of our anniversary so I don’t have any photos. However, I did take some photos of us at my friend’s wedding that we attended two days later, so I figured that was close enough 🙂

Really looking forward to celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow! 🙂

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