Bumpdate // 18-20 Weeks


 How far along:

20 weeks and 6 days today!

Baby’s size:
About the size of a banana, but approaching the size of a pomegranate!
(Aka 6.5 inches from crown to rump and about 10.6 oz)

Weight gain: 
At my 20 week appointment, I had officially gained 10 lbs which my midwife said was right on track for where I’m supposed to be at this point. I do weigh myself at home here and there, and I felt like for the first 18-19 weeks that I hadn’t really gained any weight…and then all the sudden it was almost like I gained 10 lbs overnight! I couldn’t resist doing some googling to see if that was normal, and it sounds like that it’s really common to see a sudden jump in weight around the point in pregnancy (and my midwife agreed). I think it’s cool how seeing these outward signs like putting on weight line up with things that the baby is doing because I know that he’s rapidly growing now!

 In case you missed the announcement on Friday, we’re having a BOY! (Thank you for all your sweet comments by the way!) Cam and I found out at the ultrasound, and now I couldn’t have imagined not doing it that way…especially because it was pretty obvious on the screen that we’re definitely having boy…ha! We told our families right after the ultrasound, and everyone was super excited 🙂

(I definitely hit up Baby Gap right after the ultrasound!)

We didn’t end up doing the whole gender reveal party thing, but took some gender reveal photos on Thursday night instead. It was really awesome to have a fun way to share the news and something to commemorate a really special day. (Thanks again to Kelsey for taking the awesome photos for our gender reveal, I love how they turned out!)

Yes! Beyond finding out the gender, that’s been the other big development over these past couple of weeks. During week 18, I took a prenatal yoga class and during savasana at the end of class I finally felt the baby move around for the first time where I knew for sure that’s what it was – such a cool feeling! Since then, I’ve been feeling him move around quite a bit. The movements aren’t super intense yet, but it’s still awesome to finally be able to feel them. Cam has also been able to feel him move around a few times and he was really excited about that. He seems to move around the most at night…and after I eat ice cream. Definitely my child, ha!
Food cravings: 
Ice cream (but that’s not really abnormal so I can’t blame it on pregnancy) and beer cheese pretzels, aka what they have at most breweries and so it’s my treat since I can’t have a beer. I’ve also been loving greek yogurt and granola topped with lots of fresh fruit!

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Nope, thank goodness!

I’ve been sleeping pretty well overall with the exception of when Cam was traveling for work earlier this month because I never sleep well when he is out of town 🙁

Miss anything?
I do miss being able to just do things without having to think about whether or not I should or shouldn’t do since I’m pregnant. Last weekend, I went in a heated pool and then had a minor freakout because I realized that I probably shouldn’t do that since I’m pregnant. (I checked with my midwife and she said not to worry though!) I miss being able to plan a long hike or some sort of intense physical activity without having to think about whether or not it’s going to be too much.

Mainly prenatal yoga and walks with Lola, that’s about it!

Maternity Clothes?
Still wearing my regular clothes/dresses for the most part, but starting to incorporate some more maternity pieces! (The dress I’m wearing for my 20 week photos is maternity from Old Navy)

No real symptoms to speak over the past few weeks thankfully!

 Feeling really good overall. But also in disbelief that my pregnancy is already halfway over…and starting to realize there is quite a bit that needs to happen between now and December! I haven’t been feeling super interested in doing house over the past couple of months, but this past week I’ve been really gotten the bug and I want to get the whole house decorated ASAP. I feel like these nesting tendencies are only going to intensify as the weeks go on!

Best moment from weeks 18-20:

Finding out the gender and knowing we’re going to have a son was definitely amazing! It was also awesome to be able to see our little guy moving around around at the ultrasound and to know that he is developing like he is supposed to. Feeling him move around has been really exciting and I know that’s only going to get more intense!

Looking forward to: 
Now that we know we’re having a boy, I’m excited to really get going on the nursery soon! I also can’t wait to get our registry started – I’ll have posts about both of those topics coming up soon!

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