Bumpdate // 15-17 Weeks

It’s been a little while since I posted about my pregnancy, and so it seems like high time that I check in! Lately, everyone has been asking me how I’ve been feeling and, as boring as it sounds, I’ve felt great and just like my normal self! Which is awesome, but it seems like I don’t really have much to report at this point. However, even though I’m not doing weekly pregnancy updates here on the blog, I do still want to document this process regularly because I know it will be fun to look back on one day!
So first, the photos! It might seems like no big deal to take a bump photo each week, but Cam and I are still getting the hang of it at this point. Props to all you moms-to-be that take amazing photos each week with elaborate chalkboards and banners and stuff, I am definitely not going that fancy with my photos! Honestly, it’s been enough of a struggle just to have Cam take a couple pictures of me where they’re not blurry and my eyes aren’t closed…hopefully we’ll get it down by 40 weeks! 🙂

Ok, I admit, the photos from this week are HORRIBLE…ha! Cam was out of town on a business trip and I completely forget about getting a photo until right before I was getting ready for bed…whoops. So ignore the awful lighting, my poor selfie skills, and my super messy office…plus, there isn’t much of a bump going on here anyway, more like just the way my stomach normally looks after I eat dinner 🙂

 Lesson #2 I’ve learned when trying to take a bump photo – don’t wear a super baggy shirt because it’s kind of a pain to take pictures in. From the side, you can see a little something more is going on this week, but if I’m facing forward, I look pretty much like I normally do, especially in a shirt like this.

Finally making some improvements in the bump photo taking department!
It would probably help if I actually did a little something to my hair for these photos…but let’s face it, it’s summer and I work from home so it’s most likely not going to happen anytime soon 🙂

How far along:
17 weeks, 6 days – so officially 18 weeks tomorrow!
(But each of the photos in this post were taken on the actual day that I hit 15/16/17 weeks)
I felt like I wasn’t really “showing” much at 15/16 weeks, but when I hit 17 weeks, it seemed almost like overnight the bump was suddenly much more obvious! (Although, the dress I’m wearing in the 17 Weeks photos is super clingy, so that definitely makes it more apparent…)
Baby’s size:
In terms of produce, I think we’re transitioning from the size of a turnip to the size of a bell pepper 🙂

Weight gain: 
Not 100% sure…last time I weighed myself a week or so ago, I still hadn’t gained weight (granted, my starting weight when getting pregnant was definitely higher than it used to be thanks to living in Portland and eating out all the time, plus my normal weight fluctuates within a few pounds anyway) but our scale conveniently ran out of battery the other day. So I’m guessing I’ve probably gained a couple pounds by now? It’s something I’m not too concerned about at this point, but I’ll know officially where I’m at when I go to my next midwife appointment later this month.

Food cravings: 
Fruit, fruit, and more fruit! Which is good because there are so many delicious things in season right now. This week already I’ve eaten cherries, nectarines, raspberries, watermelon, and peaches and I’m loving eating fruit with some plain greek yogurt and granola as a snack. I’ve also been craving sweets/ice cream more the past few weeks…although, I wouldn’t really say that’s a “craving”…more like things I’ve pretty much always wanted to eat every day of my life and now I’m just indulging more often, ha! So no real weird food cravings to speak of…but I do feel like my appetite is definitely returning after not feeling super hungry during the first trimester.
Anything making you queasy or sick:
Nope, thankfully the past couple weeks I’ve been feeling good!
Although veggies still just don’t seem quite as appealing as they used to…

I feel like both Cameron and I have not been sleeping well at all the past couple of weeks, and it’s a little annoying. Thankfully, I’m sleeping through the night and not having to get up to go to the bathroom, but I still feel like I wake up randomly in the night sometimes. I’m definitely having a lot more vivid dreams, and usually waking up tends to be related to that. And then part of it is that we need to do some things to our room to make it a little more conducive to sleeping – we really need to get better curtains up to keep the light out and we need to get a new (aka bigger) mattress ASAP!
We find out mid-July and I can’t wait! We were actually supposed to find out a week earlier, but had to push it back due to a scheduling conflict, so now we’ll find out when I’m 20 weeks. As frustrating as it is to have to wait a little longer, I think it’s good in a way because it means that they should definitely be able to tell the gender for sure! Based on how my pregnancy has been going, I was pretty convinced it was a boy…but now, I’m not so sure. I actually had a super vivid dream the other night that we were at our ultrasound and they told us we were having a girl…so now I don’t know! Cam still says he thinks it’s a boy, but we’d both be happy either way…we are just ready to find out!

And speaking of finding out the gender, I am really torn on what to do. Obviously having a gender reveal party is kind of a popular thing in the blog world these days, and there is a part of me that wants to have a legit gender reveal party that’s all cute and Pinterest-y, with the box full of blue or pink balloons and the whole nine yards. I kind of feel like if we’re going to do something like that, we might as well do it with our first baby. Plus it’s summer, so we could barbecue, and it could be fun. But then there is another part of me that feels like it’s kind of a lot of work to do all that, and honestly, it’s not really the most convenient of weeks for us to be hosting a big party. Plus, there are still a lot of projects we’re working on with the house. (For example, my whole vision about barbecuing? Well, we haven’t bought a grill yet…so that might be a problem, ha!) And truthfully, I know that no one really cares as much about this announcement as Cam and I do, so in a way, I would prefer to do something more private instead. Plus, Cam is really adamant that he wants to find out from the ultrasound tech that day, and he doesn’t want to wait any longer than he has to for the news. So at this point, it looks like Cam and I will probably just find out at the ultrasound and then possibly do something more fun and creative to tell our families/announce it on social media (and here on the blog too!)…but that seems kind of anticlimactic? I realize that I’m probably making way too big a deal about this, but I’m definitely open to any input/suggestions/ideas! Mamas out there – did you do anything special when you found out your baby’s gender? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

There have definitely been a few moments lately that I think I feel something, but it’s fleeting and I’m not 100% sure…so I’m going to say no for now. But I’m hoping that it starts up for real soon!
Best moment from weeks 15-17:
There hasn’t been anything super significant that’s happened these past couple of weeks, but they’ve been nice. Cam and I have gone out to eat quite a few times just the two of us, and that’s been really nice. I’m really trying to enjoy things like that because I know that it will be a little more difficult to just pick up and have a leisurely brunch with a baby in tow! I also felt pretty accomplished being able to make it to the top of Dog Mountain when we went hiking last weekend!

Miss anything?
Honestly, things are pretty good right now so I can’t really think of too much that I’m missing at this point! Although, it did get up into the mid-90’s here in Portland yesterday and so I definitely missed being able to have a glass of wine or a cold beer for sure! Definitely had ice cream though! 🙂
I haven’t really been doing too much in the way of legit workouts during this pregnancy (whoops) but I have been trying to get out and walk with Lola as much as possible. It hasn’t been quite as frequent as I’d like with work and other things keeping me busy these days…but I’m trying to make time for it when I can, and I love exploring new places in our area! I did take a class at BurnCycle earlier this month, and felt surprisingly great for that. As I mentioned, we went hiking last weekend and I had no problem doing that, so hopefully we’ll be able to do some more hikes over the next few months before I get too much bigger! Also, I finally took my first official prenatal yoga class last night and it was awesome! I went with this beautiful mama to be (who by the way, is almost 37 weeks pregnant and still made it through class like a total champ, very impressive!) and I’m looking forward to going back already!
Maternity Clothes?
Not yet, still wearing all my normal dresses/workout clothes at this point! My pants still fit, but I am using a hair tie around the button to give myself a little extra breathing room. Now that the weather is warming up, I’m also trying to wear dresses as much as I can, and a lot of the ones I have are pretty stretchy so they work well. (The dress I’m wearing in the 17 week photos is from Target and it’s non-maternity, and then the tunic I’m wearing in the 16 week photos is from J.Crew Factory and it’s also non-maternity – just FYI!) I do have a couple maternity dresses I got in Michigan that I should probably starting wearing soon, and then I’ll probably need to add some additional maternity pieces to my wardrobe over the next few weeks. I did order two pairs of maternity JBrand jeans from RueLaLa, and I’m excited they both fit! (You never know with online shopping…)

Overall, I’ve been feeling good and I haven’t had too many negative symptoms yet, but there have been a few here and there. My skin has still been pretty breakout prone, which is annoying but nothing all that new. And although I can make it through the night without going to the bathroom, I definitely have to go more during the day…and when I have to go, I have to go. When we went hiking last weekend, I was so concerned with staying hydrated that I kept drinking water on the hike up…which made for a very tough hike down thinking I was literally going to pee my pants. Not cute. I’ve also noticed that I’ve started to feel a little more emotional, but nothing too crazy yet. Another annoying symptom I’ve noticed occasionally is that if I sneeze, I get a sharp pain in my abdomen, especially if I’m laying down. This really freaked me out at first, but after a little Google research I think it’s just round ligament pain, which makes sense especially because I’ve felt fine otherwise.

Still happy and thankful to be feeling good…but now that the initial excitement of sharing our news with everyone has calmed down a little bit, I think that it’s starting to hit me how fast the time is going to go between now and December. I went into more detail about this on Monday’s post, but basically these past couple of weeks I’ve started to feel a little more overwhelmed by everything I’d like to do before the baby gets here. I want to take advantage of the summer months while the weather is nice and I’m still feeling great, but it just gets a little stressful thinking about it all. But I’m trying not to be anxious about it and just enjoy each day…whilst making never ending to do lists 🙂

Looking forward to: 
Finding out the gender (seriously counting down the days), and then being able to start thinking more seriously about names and picking out stuff for the nursery. Also, looking forward to feeling the baby move and getting more of a legit bump where it’s obvious that it’s not just a food baby in there 😉
So that’s all for now on the pregnancy news! I’ll probably share another update for weeks 18-20 later on this month and I’m looking forward to announcing the gender once we find out!

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