Summer // Bend Weekend Recap

Hello, hello! 
Is everyone back in the swing of things after the holiday weekend?
It’s always weird to me how just one day off of work can really throw you for a loop!
We had a great 4th of July weekend – we spent a few days over in Bend, OR!
I’ve blogged about it before but I LOVE Bend. 
It’s about 3 hours away in central Oregon, and it’s such beautiful place that’s totally different than Portland. There’s lots of sunshine, a desert climate, and gorgeous views of snowy mountains. Cam’s brother and sister-in-law and their kids live there so it’s always fun to visit them, plus Bend in the summer is particularly awesome. We were only there for a short time, but packed a lot in, as usual…
Thursday night, we had a late dinner at Crux, which is an AWESOME brewery that we tried on our last trip to Bend (aka when I could still drink). This time, I just got to enjoy a pretzel with beer cheese, but it was still fun! In addition to having a really solid beer selection, Crux has excellent views of the mountains and it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset. We managed to catch the tail end of a beautiful sunset while we were there, it was so pretty!
On Friday, we spent the day by the water enjoying the sunshine! There are so many different lakes and rivers near Bend, it makes it really easy to get out on the water 🙂

It was the perfect way to celebrate America’s birthday! 🙂

Everyone took a turn on the paddleboard, including this little dude…he is too cute 🙂

Things are starting to look at little different than last time I was paddleboarding in Bend (I’m wearing the same bathing suit though, ha!) – it’s crazy how things change from year to year! 🙂
Also, does anyone know why my pictures are showing up so weird in this post? It’s driving me crazy!

The doggies got some swim time in, and the kiddos got to play in the sand…

Look at this ridiculous little mug – seriously, she kills me haha 🙂

Had to get a family shot for the 4th of July!

These two…seriously, they are obsessed with each other…ha.

Lola LOVES America 🙂
After spending the day by the water, we had dinner in Sunriver, OR at Sunriver Brewing Company
The food with good and Sunriver is a really cute area!

Clearly my niece my is picking up on my pose…ha!
After dinner, we headed home to watch the fireworks which was fun 🙂
Saturday, Cam and I did a hike near South Sister (Oregon’s third highest peak) up to Moraine Lake. You actually take the same trail that you would to summit South Sister (which I would love to do sometime…maybe next summer!) but you obviously don’t go all the way up. The sign said the trail is 1.5 miles, but I think it was longer? (This says it’s closer to 7 miles so I don’t know…)
The majority of the trail was actually still covered in snow, but we still continued on…

There were awesome views of South Sister once we got closer to the lake!
There were also great views of Mt. Bachelor!
The amazing view of (frozen) Moraine Lake and Broken Top…
Obviously this required we take a lot of photos…ha!

It was seriously so gorgeous up there, so excuse all the redundant mountain photos 🙂
The bump looks bigger than it actually is here…mainly because I really had to go to the bathroom 🙂

Lola is such a good little hiker!

Loved this pretty little waterfall we saw at the end of our hike!

We stopped off at Lava Lake after the hike and it’s such a pretty spot!
We didn’t really spend any time in downtown Bend this trip beyond having dinner at Deschutes Brewery (which was really delicious actually) but just driving through town, I was reminded how cute it is 🙂

Even though it was just a quick trip, I’m so glad we got to spend some time in Bend!
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July 🙂


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